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So, from what I recall from my Douglass Adams, the nice thing about a towel isn’t just that you look like a respectable creature, but that it serves as:
* clothing
* blanket
* and, of course, a towel.

So a towel shawl should be of appropriate dimensions to be minimal clothing and blanket. On me, that’s about 5 foot by 25″ (chin-to-floor by half shoulder circumference). It needs to be towel-absorbant, and not a lacy pattern, or at least not primarily lacy, although one could probably get away with a pattern down the center.

This looks like a good base to work from

I’m picturing a wide seed stitch border around all 4 sides, fringe on the narrow ends, and possibly a lace or texture pattern down the long center for knitting and visual interest.

Now! Rainbow. The easy way I can see to do this nicely is wide stripes of color transitioning in Fibonacci narrow stripes to the next color.

Yarns, quick options:

9 thoughts on “Designing a towel shawl @inventrix

  1. Oh boy I want to comment on the yarns but I know so little about yarn and knitting in general that I have no useful input to give other than I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS

  2. Neat! Rather like a afghan! I am all excited because I found the pattern that my grandmother used to knit her afghans, in a new Debbie Bliss book the library got. W00t!

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