Designing a towel shawl @inventrix

Designing a towel shawl @inventrix


So, from what I recall from my Douglass Adams, the nice thing about a towel isn’t just that you look like a respectable creature, but that it serves as:
* clothing
* blanket
* and, of course, a towel.

So a towel shawl should be of appropriate dimensions to be minimal clothing and blanket. On me, that’s about 5 foot by 25″ (chin-to-floor by half shoulder circumference). It needs to be towel-absorbant, and not a lacy pattern, or at least not primarily lacy, although one could probably get away with a pattern down the center.

This looks like a good base to work from

I’m picturing a wide seed stitch border around all 4 sides, fringe on the narrow ends, and possibly a lace or texture pattern down the long center for knitting and visual interest.

Now! Rainbow. The easy way I can see to do this nicely is wide stripes of color transitioning in Fibonacci narrow stripes to the next color.

Yarns, quick options:

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  1. Oh boy I want to comment on the yarns but I know so little about yarn and knitting in general that I have no useful input to give other than I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS

    1. *giggle* colors. Colors are a good commentary. Keep in mind that this is a big project and right now I’m swamped, so excited is good but it won’t be in, like, May.

      1. You could give it to me for my twenty-fifth wedding anniversary and I would STILL be insanely excited and gleeful about it~! Colors! Colors I can do. Okay, typical seven-color rainbow… (Should I be picking all of one type of yarn?) For Morrocan Red (red) Tomato (orange) Canary (yellow) Sprout (possible green) Nightfall (indigo) Lilac (alt. violet) For Mandarin Heather (alt. orange) Bermuda Heather (blue) Duchess Heather (alt. violet) For Pea Green (possible green)

        1. Just for the sake of /options/ let us add Surf as a possible blue for that first set to make it a full rainbow~

  2. Neat! Rather like a afghan! I am all excited because I found the pattern that my grandmother used to knit her afghans, in a new Debbie Bliss book the library got. W00t!

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