30daysmeme, Diapering Dragons

Day 3 of 30 days of Fiction: “3) Write a query letter for a fantasy (any kind) novel” (one day late)

Dear Prospective Agent,

The ogres next door have moved out, but the new neighbors have a joyriding teen and a new infant whose cries can wake up the neighborhood. Sure, the wee little thing is adorable, but he belches fire when he’s colicky and needs asbestos diapers.

Audrey and her husband try to be neighborly, but what can they do when their ten-year-old daughter agrees to take on the task of babysitting the Smith’s difficult new baby? Diapering Dragons and Burping Banshees is a cheerful exploration of a strange suburban neighborhood, where you never know if the folks next door are going to turn out to be monsters, or just four-legged people with scales.

At 50,000 words, Diapering Dragons takes on the issues and problems of being a tween through the kaleidoscope lens of a fantasy world, lending perspective and the distance of allegory to issue like peer acceptance and untrustworthy adults.

Thank you for your consideration,


The List

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8 thoughts on “30daysmeme, Diapering Dragons

  1. *giggles* That’s fun! The only thing I’m not sure of is who the main character is. One paragraph is about Audrey and her husband, while the summary indicates the book is about being a tween in a fantasy setting. But since the story doesn’t really exist yet… The first paragraph is really excellent. I love the way the fantasy elements sneak in.

    • Yeah, if it were a real query, I wouldn’t be happy with it, but written on the fly, I think it passes muster. I decided halfway thru it was a YA book… which would require changing, since the 3 pieces I’ve written in it so far are Audrey and not-YA.

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