By Request (@inventrix), sort of: Hatching

By Request (@inventrix), sort of: Hatching

Well, I wrote 250 words and didn’t get to the dragons, so I’ll try to write another 250 tonight to actually GET to the babies. But here’s more of the world of “Damn Dragons, get off my lawn!

My husband came home early from work on Wednesday, and I have never been so glad for his presence, or his Presence. Our younger two had off from school, and what with what was going on next door, they were alternating between whining and throwing tantrums.

And next door… “What is that horrible noise?” he asked, wincing as the riotous cacophony reverberated over several spectrums of audible and other-sense.

I was already stuck in a permanent wince. Our youngest is, it seems, shaping up to be a mimic. Not the time I wanted to find out. “The Smiths’ baby is hatching.”

“Hatching?” He got a look in his eye, that one I could never say no to, no matter how much I wanted to. My darling would never lean on me, not like that, I’m sure of it. Except moments like that, where I’m not sure of anything. “Aud…”

“You want to get closer to that noise?” I wasn’t sounding quite saintly in that moment, I’m afraid. I might have been screeching myself.

“It’s horrid, I know, but I might be able to make it better if I’m closer. And, besides. Dragon Eggshell.”

I held up a hand. “Rule nine.”

“Rule nine,” he agreed. “But can we go?”

“If there’s one chance in a hundred you can make this better… yes.”

And so we walked into the mouth of hell, the children safely ensconced in their tower. It wasn’t the first time we’d done so, he and I, but it was certainly the noisiest.

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          1. Being a housewife in *that* neighborhood is a more than full time job. Not to mention the hints that we get at her husband’s line of work in the later piece. I have the feeling she kicks ass herself.

          2. Yes. Which is why I said being a housewife in this particular neighborhood is “more than” the full time job that it usually is. Which makes her amazing, really.

          3. touche, only spelled with the right accent. (no num pad) I like her a lot. Should have asked for an icon for her.

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