Interesting links re. ethnicity

I find 2a in this post by [personal profile] recessional to be very interesting.

I confess, I rarely notice ethnicity in stories and tend to fill in my own coloration (I wish wish wish cover art matched author’s descriptions!); in Addergoole, when trying to get an ethnic mix that approximated the ethnic mix of the US (while not having quarters of students), I still ended up with some weird concentrations. Maybe I should do an ethnicity cloud for Ag. Hunh, that would probably look weird.

But anyway, I liked the link.

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13 thoughts on “Interesting links re. ethnicity

  1. Cover art is one of those issues that really annoys me on occasion. I mean, I’ve bought the latest two Liaden Universe Omnibus editions. They have a white haired man and a red haired woman on the covers. But the white haired man is married to a black haired woman, and the redhead is married to a guy with brown hair. The artist put half of each couple together. Argh! It drives me insane.

    • Did they at least look like the right characters? I like to look at book covers for a mental image, and they’re so rarely close to right. I wish I could remember the book I’m thinking of, but it was one of those read-once-and-sell-back-to-the-used-book-store sorts

      • They do look like Shan and Miri, in very dynamic poses. But Shan should be with Priscilla, and Miri did most of her fighting with her husband Val Con. Oddly enough, the cover for The Crystal Variation has two people with the same coloration (a man with white hair and a woman with red hair). They each have a different haircut, but the (admittedly small) image at Amazon looks very similar. The funny part? This boo is set several hundred, if not a couple thousand, years earlier than the other books. Yet the people on the cover look very much the same… I think artists get incomplete descriptions. Or something.

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