I love it when writing and crafting cross-pollinate! Book arts is great for that, and I’m doing a bit of that now: now that Tales for the Sugar Cat is done, I’m working on the individual copies for donors – some are pdf, which is fun, but others are actual paper “prettified” copies, which just rocks.

I have a lot of pretty paper here and there, sort of an astonishing amount, really, so I’m having fun with the longer stories, making mini-books. None of those are done yet, but two are in glue-and-sew-up stage. One short one just hit the mail today.

In other news, I’m knitting like made. I only see my Baby Cousin’s babies once a year right now, on 4th July, so I’m trying to get a little dress for her and a little vest for him.

And I’m getting sort of excited about upcycled/recycled yarn: there’s a list of links in my altersprig craft journal.

Yay crafts!

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4 thoughts on “Crafty!

  1. Awwwwwww, cute crafts! I like paper crafts, and I’ve seen your work. It’s good! I have the red leather book for ideas and sketches, and it has even shown up in the novel too (Jalinda needed something to take notes in).

      • *grins* It has two country maps (one failed) in it, and a map of the library, and the beginning of the timeline. I’ll be inking things so the pages don’t smudge when I am more sure of details. And I realized Jalinda needed a book. And I had this really cool one… So she does too. Possibly elven made.

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