Summary of the last so often

The Drakeathon E-book, Tales for the Sugar Cat, is now On Smashwords and Available for review on Goodreads!

I challenged you to write to [community profile] dailyprompt. (Post here if you did so and want me to aggregate the responses to that challenge).

[personal profile] meeks did a lot lot lot of awesome art (including more on the Ayla sketch and on Rin’s nose and an icon for meee).

I’ve started three new settings, one of which needs a title, the other one of which doesn’t:
The Foundation/Library:
Ants, Grasshoppers, Magpies
The Cathedral
The Inhospitable Planet:
Moving In
Dancing for Joy
(You’ll see the other one in the next few days, but that one’s Facets of Dusk)

I wrote some on Stranded World:
Stepping Around
Day Job

And on FaeApoc: Invisibles

We put in an offer on a new house, and it was accepted.
My job moved, and it was stressful.
We hiked a lot, and it rocked.

I’m planning on writing for [community profile] kink_bingo, stay tuned for from 5 to 25 pieces of smut.

This piece was weird but fun
This piece was just weird.

I should do these more often

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