“Because he’ll eat your soul” isn’t reason enough?

stolen from [personal profile] recessional, who stole it from [personal profile] thatyourefuse:

Give me a character’s name and I will tell you three reasons why it would be terrible to try to date them, have sex with them, or be in a long-term relationship with them.

For an extra challenge, pick characters you know I’m fond of. Anyone can tell you reasons not to date Cthulu, after all.

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5 thoughts on ““Because he’ll eat your soul” isn’t reason enough?

  1. No one took this prompt?! Hah! Okay, character: Jamian. Good luck with that one 😉 For extra-challenge: Jamian after he’s free from Ty, so you can’t use the obnoxious twerp Keeper for a reason 😉

  2. For some reason I thought this was just pointing back at the places you took it from (please be gentle when you whack me over the head.) How about Luke?

    • Luke. Mmm, well, point one is, he’s still in love with Wilhelmina. Point two is, he’s in a crew with Linden and Regine and loyal to them. And point three is he’s going to die valiantly.

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