Call for prompts aftermath and giraffe sale.

Last Saturday and Sunday for 24 hours, I opened up a line for prompts: ask for anything, and I’ll write 10 minutes or 250 words on it. I got quite a bit of short fiction out of it!

It’s all listed here –

It was quite a bit of fun! I’m having a giraffe sale (it’s like a fire sale. Only it’s giraffe.(*); from now ’till this time next week, I’ll continue any written piece at a rate of $4 for 400 words.

(*)You see, there’s this carpet I want for the new house, and it looks like a giraffe pattern.

27 thoughts on “Call for prompts aftermath and giraffe sale.

      • I’ve made a donation. There are four things I’m interested in (so you can work it out with other requests/commitments, etc): 1. What happens with Linden, Fridmar, Shadrach and Meshach. [I know this is already down for a bonus story) 2. What happens in Rozen’s territory after he’s packed off to Kailani. 3. More Thorburn & Ceilwen (I’ve probably spellt her name wrong). 4. Next episode of Rin & Girey.

          • The second set of twins were due in early September, so depending on how early in the year we’re talking she’s either heavily pregnant or recently given birth. She already has a pair of two year olds. She’s cy’Fridmar, of course. She’s in a crew with Kath (Katherine sh’Ellen cy’Mendoza)[the siren]. I haven’t given any thought to them picking up any other crew members but perhaps Abed once everyone who knew his brothers has left? Cyree and crew have fridge rights. If the children are back in the school she doesn’t go to dances, she’d rather stay home with them Saturday nights and babysit other people’s kids for minor favours. She doesn’t date and she doesn’t Keep – she doesn’t need that on top of her children, thank you. She’s short, 5’3″; brown hair; dark blue eyes; fair skin. What do you want her to do?

          • I figured since it was your request, I’d put her in as a cameo talking to Cein-something ๐Ÿ™‚

          • I’d love you to use her. One piece of advice she would give, if anyone asked, would be that even if you think you’re a non-combatant, learn to defend yourself. Talk to Luke or Doug or Professor Fridmar and take their advice but learn while you have people to teach you. If anyone asked. Possibly delivered with pie.

          • Hee. So, this is Monday or Tuesday. Cein is still getting used to the collar, to being his, wandering around with a lost look on her face.

          • that’s a good question!!! Not Luca. That’s about all I know. Um. Could be Fridmar, actually. Not Linden.

          • Doug? Also, I forgot to mention it earlier, Penny’s about 21 and a half at the beginning of Year 9 – she was about 18 and a half when she started. If I understand things correctly that probably makes her one of the oldest students, if not the oldest, in the school

          • I suppose you’ll have to work out what you do know about him and decide which of them he’d fit best with. Or wait for a blinding flash of inspiration when you’re doing something else – mine usually happen in the shower.

  1. Giraffe print, awesome. Discovered yesterday that what I thought would be two quick to bang out short essays (My fault for thinking that’s what Essay 1 and Essay 2 on the syllabus meant, yes?) is instead more like fifteen separate 3+ paragraph assignments. Ow. So since I’ll be busy with schoolwork this weekend, how about some more of that more interesting school?

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