Prompt-Me results: Wow. Also, want moar? Giraffe sale.

last Saturday and Sunday for 24 hours, I opened up a line for prompts; ask for anything, and I’ll write 10 minutes or 250 words on it. I got quite a bit of short fiction out of it!

In my Addergoole ‘verse:
Joff Gets a Pony (LJ Link), for @daHob’s prompt of the same title.

Devil Deals (LJ Link) from Rix’s prompt, wanting more of Rozen/Aviv in the post-apoc.

Keys (LJ Link), for jeriendhal‘s prompt “You mean it was supposed to have a key?” (Half of this is Addergoole Year9; the other half is Planners).

Dark Corners (LJ Link), Addergoole Year9, to @shutsumon’s prompt “the things that lurk in dark corners.”

Plans is in Addergoole’s current timeline, to @dahob’s prompt asking how Regine sees her students.

Stranded World got:
Bringing Home the Bacon (LJ Link), for [personal profile] kc_obrien‘s prompt of the same title.

Tir na Cali got a new subsetting:
Frying Pan, Fire (LJ Link), from [personal profile] lilfluff‘s prompt regarding a slave school.
Final Exams (LJ Link), from wyld_dandelyon‘s prompt of the same name.

The rest of Fae Apoc got an early history, apoc and a post-apoc story:
[personal profile] eseme wanted goddesses. She got Coming of Age (LJ Link)

(LJ Link)From [personal profile] kc_obrien‘s prompt: “Can I get a short piece from another perspective of some of the internees/guards in the community featured in Discovery Channel/Invisibles (LJ Link)?

First Planting (LJ Link) came from [personal profile] clare_dragonfly‘s prompt of the same title

Reiassan got two stories:
Old Friends (LJ Link), From fayanora‘s prompt “An unexpected ‘Hello.'”

Mighty Sword (LJ Link) from the_vulture‘s prompt – “An intelligent and mighty enchanted sword… that’s afraid of the dark.” In an older era of Reiassan.

Facets of Dusk got another story:
Trouble in Doubles (LJ Link), from [personal profile] kc_obrien‘s request for Josie/Facets and [personal profile] elfling_eryn‘s prompt: “There’s only so much trouble you get into in a day…unless, of course, you have a clone or two at hand.”

And, as always, there were a couple things from no known ‘verse at all:
Waiting Vigil (LJ Link), from [personal profile] lilfluff‘s prompt”The beach, overnight in winter.”

Three Inches (DW Link), for @Inventrix’s prompt for a pookah

Want more of something? I’m having a giraffe sale (it’s like a fire sale. Only it’s giraffe.(*); from now ’till this time next week, I’ll continue any written piece at a rate of $4 for 400 words.

(*)You see, there’s this carpet I want for the new house, and it looks like a giraffe pattern.

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