This is for kelkyag‘s prompt in my call for prompts: “Dealing with the lack of reassurance on the acceptance of a newly asserted gender identity…”

Unknown ‘verse. And I hope I did okay.

I pressed myself against Caden, in the middle of our bed. “Did you hear me?”

“I heard you.”

It seemed unlikely; the book’s pages were still turning. The broad, lovely, scarred back was still to me.

“I’ve meditated on it. I’ve thought about it. I’ve been talking to my therapist about it. I’m a girl.”

Caden turned to look at me, the hot, hungry look so at odds with the heavy physics book still on the bed. “You’re Jay, my JJ.” The kiss, too, matched the look, hungry, hot, urgent. My body did uncomfortable things against Cade’s hip, and a gentle laugh echoed across the studio.

“Don’t you care?” This was easily the most important decision I had ever made. Easily the thing that would put my life where I wanted it. And I was getting kissed. And laughed at.

Cade trailed a hand down my arm. “Jay… you are my JJ. Whatever body you wear. Whatever pronouns you use. You are my JJ.” And kissed me again.

I stifled a sob into the kiss, and tried to figure out what I’d done wrong.

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