State of the Lyn!


First, a passing musing: I am often fascinated by the new meanings typos give things, or, if not typos, my own misreading of things. Sometimes it seems I am alone in this; am I?

The HouseBuying continues to move at a pace but not apace. The USDA going on sudden retreat (not running away, the other sort) has delayed us an indefinite time around but not certainly 2 weeks.

This past Saturday, T. and I went to the Cortland Arts and Wine Festival (and got an estimate on the giraffe carpet, also in Cortland(*))… loads of fun, as it always is. Drank lots and lots of wine, bought a little, giggled a lot(**).

I don’t actually know what we’re doing this weekend. Perhaps garage/freesale-ing. Writing, I’m sure. Rest. Rest would be nice.

(*) About an hour north and east of our apartment.
(**) I giggled. T. does not giggle.

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25 thoughts on “State of the Lyn!

  1. And typos can last. If you’re familiar with “filk” music, that’s how it got named. A convention was listing a track of science fiction & fantasy inspired folk music and one slip of the finger named a whole field. 🙂 And yes, that mythical state known as Rest could be a good thing.

  2. Yay, rest! I have enforced rest. I plan on meeting a friend for lunch and doing laundry at some point over the weekend. Otherwise, reading.

              • My calf continues to be stiff when elevating my ankle. The ankle feels better, though pretty much my whole foot is a sickly yellow color, and some purple bruises too. Less swollen.

                  • Your spouse is smart! Compression only when I am trying to walk around. For a while there, the ankle brace was making the swelling worse. I spent Sunday night, most of Monday, and Tuesday resting. Was shown how to properly elevate on Monday afternoon, did so all or Monday and Tuesday. Went to work Wednesday-Friday, stayed off my feet as much as possible and elevated my foot some at work (it makes actually working hard). Spent most of today, and will tomorrow, in bed, elevating the foot. Melissa had nice ice-pack things with straps that wrap around your foot at her place (Monday and Tuesday). I bought my own Tuesday night and have been using it in the evenings after work, and on and off today. So yeah, I have been making efforts. I just did a bad job the first day, due to not having an ice pack. Doctor’s office says if I am still concerned Monday I can schedule an x-ray.

                    • My spouse has practice! IME, the compression helped me finally heal my aprined ankle. Spouse suggests ibuprofen, too.

                    • I bought ibuprofen on Friday. Melissa had industrial-grade. Also, homeopathic stuff from mom for swelling. The brace thing is not making my foot swell terribly today, I can try that again. I can’t ice with the brace on though…

                    • Point. I’m really trying to be good! I even backed out of cat-sitting, due to stairs to the basement where the cat food is.

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