Hour 7 of my [call for prompts on] abduction

The hours tick by on my [call for prompts about] abduction.

My captors have promised rescue when the writing is done, but the prompts keep on coming. I am allowed frequent breaks for sleep and, in one case, a creekwalk, but every pause only lengthens my captivity.

I write for them as they call out suggestions. I have written about a captor caught in her own trap, a crack kidnapping team beating the BAU to the punch, a puppy rescued from an untenable situation, and a college boy with ropeburn. And still I write.

The money in the jar has reached $30, so I will, I’m told, write another story, once my captors have decided on what it will be (what will it be, oh my captors? 2000 words, on your choice of story).

And still I write. After these tasty nachos I have been given

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