Eeee pretty Art!


Originally posted by [profile] amslizrah at $5 and $10 CommissionsHello everyone! I'm offering super cheap commissions in a desperate attempt to raise money to replace my dying wacom tablet.

(they’re lovely; check them out!)

(Anddd I want a picture of someone, pref. someone from Addergoole I think, or otherwise not-totally-human. Ideas?)


[personal profile] ysabetwordsmith‘s poetry fishbowl is next Tuesday (when I will probably not be online to signal boost); the theme is “pets and livestock.” (LJ Link).

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2 thoughts on “Eeee pretty Art!

    • Teenycom is pretty awesome. 🙂 There’s also and … but Teencom has more traffic. It’s like 90% furry, just so you know.

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