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Icon Flash: Facets of Dusk & Ekwara

Continuing flash series! I’m going to write one flash for every Icon I have, over 4 LJ accounts, 1 DW, and a whole bunch of not-currently-in-use, until I get bored or run out of icons.

Today’s icon:

A Jaunx, from Ekwara

Icon & Art by Djinni

This icon was drawn at the same time as my Alexa icon, so it’s always been rather Facets-of-Dusk for me. This story crosses the Facets multiverse with Djinni’s comic Ekwara.

Facets does not yet have a landing page (whoops!) but it does have a tag, below

It was beginning to be old hat. Take a hand, wait for the chain to form, open the Door, step through. Alexa was getting very good at it. The rest of the team was getting good, too, at all the things they had to do when they reached a new location, recon and integration and information-gathering. They were, after so many false starts, acting like a team.

Alexa swung the door open, holding Josie’s right hand with her left, and stepped through. One step – the ground was soft, squishy grass. Two steps – it held her weight, and Josie’s, without buckling or sinking. Three steps – the terrain around them was wooded, bright green. She saw no buildings, which was odd. Normally, in order for there to be a door…

She looked around, a strange thought occurring to her. She’d seen those trees. She’s seen that cat-like creature over there, the one doing something that looked like casting a spell, opening a… a vortex of stars, much like some of her own Doorways. She’d read about this place.

She looked behind her, hurriedly. There was no door, just as slowly shrinking portal that Aerich was stepping through. That left Peter on the other side. Ignoring all protocol, she shoved Josie into Aerich, pushing both of them into the portal, and grabbed Xenia and Cole’s hands. “Back, back now!”

They had had enough close calls. They let her push them all back in. As the door shut behind them, Cole asked, mildly, “Alexa, what the hell?”

“I’ve seen that place before,” she told them, and then, because she had seen a number of worlds that they hadn’t, she clarified, “in a comic, a web-comic.”

“A comic,” Aerich scoffed. Peter looked up, curious.

“If we can prove that worlds that are fiction to us…”

“Ekwara,” she cut him off, “is where lost things wind up. And there was no door on that side.”

“Oh.” Aerich blinked. “A one-way Door?”

“Exactly. And, while it’s a lovely comic…”

“…we don’t want to get trapped there,” Cole agreed. “Good call, Alexa.”

She ignored the rush of warmth, mostly because, with that Door off-limits…

“So,” Xenia asked, “where do we go now?”

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Cali-Novel midway

This isn’t a whole week’s bit by far, but I wanted some feedback.

She looked nervous.

I wasn’t sure if I liked that. I mean… she held all the cards. If she was nervous, it means that either she thought I was going to screw something up – which really could be messy for me – or this was one of the cards she wasn’t actually holding.

“You want me to fake obedience,” I repeated slowly. “Just in front of other people. Certain other people? Or everyone?”

“Not Georgie, not just general people when we’re out-“

So she thought there would be a “we” “out.” That was interesting.

“-but in front of my mother, and people who report to her, yeah.”

“That sounds a lot like just being obedient, you know.”

She winced. She really flinched at that one.”

“I know it does. But it’s – baby steps?”

“Steps sounds like it’s going to go from ‘just these people’ to ‘all the time.'” How far could I push her?

“Well, you are</i. a slave now, whether you like it or not." Apparently, that far. Feeling childish, I stuck my tongue out at her.

“No, really? I thought the collar was a fashionable accessory here and you didn’t want my neck to be wrong. So I’m a slave. And you want me to pretn – no, let’s be honest. To be a good slave when it will make you look bad if I’m not.”

“Yes…” now she was really nervous. Neat.

“What’s in it for me?”

Instead of sputtering, she templed her fingers and looked at me over the tips. “Comfort. A lighter-weight collar, for starters. Nice clothes. The freedom to roam the grounds and, eventually, to go where you will within the city – and access to a car to do so, when I don’t need your services. Spending money. The chance to spend it.”

I sat back, a little overwhelmed. “You’re talking about almost having a life again.”

“I’m talking about truly being my companion.”

“Okay, you’re saying that like it’s supposed to mean something to me. You know it doesn’t, right?”

“I know it doesn’t yet,” she agreed. She was way too freaking calm about this whole thing. “But, not to be circular, it involves all that stuff I just mentioned.”

“A car? Spending cash? That doesn’t sound like a job, lady, that sounds like being a kept boy.” I blinked at her. “I thought you didn’t want me to be a rent boy.”

Okay, that ruffled her. “You’re a bit impossible, aren’t you?”

“I do my best. But right now, I’m just trying to understand.”

“Okay, where am I losing you?” She shifted again, looking all business.

“You want me to be a good boy in public. Obedient. Not mouth off. Probably not tell your mother that you people are all crazy.”

“Right so far,” she nodded. “Especially that last one; my mother is very devout.”

“Shit, religious and crazy. Okay. And, in return for that, you’ll pretty much give me a life again?” I tugged on the collar. “Or at least something of a life?”

“In stages, yes. I’m not going to give you access to a car today; I’m not stupid.”

“I’d never say you were,” I agreed. I liked my skin too much and, besides, she really seemed pretty on top of things, if a little angsty. “So I earn it by being a good boy.”

I was being sarcastic. I really was.

“Yes,” she answered, dead seriously. “Exactly.”

“This is more than a little demeaning, you know.”

“Well, yes,” she agreed, and then, I don’t know, saw something in my face or something and sighed. “Look, it’s sort of crazy to have an American slave fresh off the plane as a companion. It’s a position with a lot of responsibility and a lot of opportunity to mess up the Lady’s public standing.”

“So why do it? Why buy me at all?” I managed not to flinch on “buy” this time.

“I wanted someone with spirit and personality.”

“Oh, goody. You like me being a brat, but only when we’re in private. In public, you want me to be a good little boy toy. Wouldn’t it have been easier to buy a boy toy and order him to say no in private?”

Okay, she wasn’t the only one getting worked up. And now she looked really taken aback, like she hadn’t thought of that. “That’s not…”

“Too bad, ‘cause that’s what you’re doing. ‘I like your spark, but only as long as I’m the only one who sees it. If you act like that in public, it’s embarrassing.’ Just put me in a fucking burka, why don’t you?”

She actually backed up, and for a moment, I thought she was going to cry. Then she shot back at me, just as nastily, “Goddess fucking forfend I try to come to an arrangement that doesn’t involve breaking you . May she forbid that I pick you because the little lapdogs would survive anywhere and if I didn’t buy you, the Baron was going to be using you as a footstool. Consort forbid I try to help you adjust to a life as a slave without just tying you to the foot of my bed.”

“This is your idea of rescue?” I snapped back. “What about letting me go? What about just letting me be myself?”

She picked up her glass, and for a moment I thought she was either going to throw it or crush it. I didn’t know whether to duck or grab a towel. “If I let you ‘just be yourself,’” she answered, grating every word out and punctuating it with a thump of the glass on the table, “before long, my mother will be demanding that I have you whipped, and then beaten, and then sold. And I will have lost whatever freedom she chooses to give me, and you will be completely and thoroughly fucked.”

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Tuesday with PLUMBER!


As we speak, the plumbers are either on the way to or at my place, fixing the baseboard heaters, the shower, and the sink that needs to be removed.

THIS MEANS that we can get the carpet installed!!

It also means that we need to get off our butts and do everything else for the bedroom, namely:

  • Finish painting all the trim
  • Case and trim the window. Trim the door.
  • Sand the door & contemplate painting it
  • Figure out how to do the closet
  • Cut and stain the closet pieces
  • install the closet

Guess what I’m doing for the next two weeks!

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