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Djinni Icon Day!

Djinni has an Icon Day Open!


What what what do I want?

Recent “need an icon” that have come up:

* Reynard
* Baram
* Saydrie/Enrie
* Lyn-the-writer (less important)
* clockwork Apoc

Also, go get an icon for yourself!

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Colored Icons and Commissions – two signal Boosts~

[personal profile] itsamellama is holding a Promo: Color Your Icons for $5!.

I might have Mellama color my Llew icon she did –
or the Valran (Inner Circle) icon she just did for me!


djinni, he of all the icons, posted Commission Information

I’m not going to post all Djinni’s icons or I’ll be here ’till May, but here’s a couple he’s done for me.

(Autumn, Alexa, Ayla, gremlin, pterodactyl, Science!, Syadaia, Theocracy, & Rin)

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Djinni Icon Days!

Djinni finished up the most recent batch of icons!


Kyle, from Addergoole: Year 9

Ce’Rilla and Vidrou, children of Ag:9 (and therafter) characters.
Also Addergoole’s Cutest Couple Ever.
Vidrou is mostly @inventrix’s character.


Djinni has Another Free Icon Day Open!

Go ahead and go request yours. I’ll wait.

Done? Cool. Don’t forget to tip if you have a little to spare. I’ll wait.

Tipped? Cool. NOW. Who should I request?

My thought is: one Addergoole character (Probably Eluned, Jovanna, or Akaterina),

one currently-active fiction character for another ‘verse,

and one… I dunno, just-for-fun?

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Character description and signal Boost

djinni is hosting ICON DAY 21!!

And for an icon request, #1 was Summer. Here’s her description:

Summer is younger, a sunny blonde; her hair is generally pulled back in a loose ponytail, strands falling in her face: http://www.my-hair-style.com/2010/08/23/the-sleek-ponytail-in-its-various-different-avatars-for-fall/

She prefers bright colors for her clothes, especially yellow, orange, and that bright colour in between those two. Simple clothes, probably a T-shirt like this – http://images.footballfanatics.com/FFImage/thumb.aspx?i=%2FproductImages%2F_619000%2Fff_619717_xl.jpg&w=400 saying something clever- I like “Yes, and?” or, if smaller, “try.”

Like her siblings, her face shape is most like this picture here: http://www.edinburghpastoralcounselling.com/resources/coupleiStock_000008560478Small.jpg; her skin is tan but not deeply so.

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Djinni has posted my new icons and yay!

Winter, from Stranded World

Me, in Construction Mode


Over here, I’ve been pondering what icons to request this coming time.

Annnd! [personal profile] meeks has posted her queue – three of my pieces (Diapering Dragons, The Deep Inks, and Dragon Next Door) are on the list to work on next.

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