Tuesday with PLUMBER!


As we speak, the plumbers are either on the way to or at my place, fixing the baseboard heaters, the shower, and the sink that needs to be removed.

THIS MEANS that we can get the carpet installed!!

It also means that we need to get off our butts and do everything else for the bedroom, namely:

  • Finish painting all the trim
  • Case and trim the window. Trim the door.
  • Sand the door & contemplate painting it
  • Figure out how to do the closet
  • Cut and stain the closet pieces
  • install the closet

Guess what I’m doing for the next two weeks!

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2 thoughts on “Tuesday with PLUMBER!

  1. *HAPPY DANCE* I am so very glad that they finally arrived. Yes, I know this is weeks late. I don’t’ care, I am still happy.

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