Friday, Bruised

An informal survey of my friends suggests that this week is fired.

Love to all of you, and the weekend is coming.

On my own front, I managed to give myself a shiner (black eye) (well nearly) by walking into the back of a bike rack. Ow! Missed my eye by less than 1/2 an inch… glad I’m not shorter!!

(The sort mounted on the top of the car, sticking out the back by a couple feet…. grumble)

In positive news, I FOUND A PLUMBER!!! So soon, I will be able to shower and then we can have carpet and maybe be in the new bedroom by the end of the year!!

This weekend I shall paint trim, and maybe start on building the closet.

[personal profile] meeks has posted a preview of an illustration she’s doing for Mother-Tongue by [personal profile] jjhunter.

[personal profile] ysabetwordsmith is hosting 2011 Winterfaire at her journal.

(very belated) If you haven’t checked out HaikuJaguar‘s bazaar, I strongly recommend you do so.

[personal profile] ysabetwordsmith‘s Fishbowl will be this coming Tuesday. The theme will be “chocolate and other foods.”

And my Giraffe Call will be two Saturdays later, 12/17/11. The theme will be “Gifts, gifts, and the Gifted.”

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