Peace, Quiet, and the Null, a story of (Addergoole??) for the Giraffe Call @inventrix

For [personal profile] inventrixprompt. This might be Addergoole, whose landing page is here on DW & here on LJ.

The class of 2014 was having problems. Cadfan woke in the morning to find his bed shredded, and it seemed every time he gestured, he shot knives from his hands, cutting up everything around him.

Aesara’s gift of being able to see everything that might happen, everything that could have happened, meant that even walking down the hall was nearly impossible, as she saw every path everyone might take. She had locked herself in her room because there, at least, the paths seemed to mostly lead to her dying quietly.

Chang didn’t mind things that much at first, until it turned out that having no friction really made, well, everything harder. Walking down the hall was nearly as impossible for him as it was for Aesara, and holding things required special concentration.

Merial might have been said to have it the worst, but nobody got a chance to ask her. Gills are not a fun power to have on dry land.

And in the middle of this walked Kyme, smoothly but not without friction, sharply but only of temper, with no more ability to see than any human, no more ability to breathe water than any mammal, no more beauty than any pretty girl, no more intelligence than any good student, no more strength than any athlete. In short, in walked Kyme, who was blessedly normal, who was blessedly quiet, and with her walked a small null zone, where, for a few moments, everyone else could have peace as well.

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  1. Okay, that’s four people who want to be good friends with Kyme. I hate to say this, but I think Aesara needs a Keeper like Phelen. Perhaps Luke can suggest one of his boys?

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