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Facets of Dusk is still lacking a landing page; Tir na Cali’s page is here and here on LJ


The Agent set down her scope and shook her head. “She doesn’t seem like all that much, Joe. She’s pretty enough, but nothing stunning.”

“Look again,” her partner insisted. “Look at her eyes.”

The Agent took another look, and set down her scope far more carefully. “Shit,” she shook her head. “What in the Consort’s pants are we going to do with that?”

“Run?” her partner suggested. “Running sounds good.”


“What do you mean?” Cole was impatient with, well, with everything, but with things that were esoteric, magical, he was even less tolerant than Simon. He shook his head at Josie. “You’re not making any sense.”

“Actually, she is,” Alexa corrected gently. “The Doors don’t always lead to the same place every time, that we know. It seems to be part volition, part unknown variables – and I think one of those unknown variables could very easily be a pulling from the other side.”

“A need,” Josie agreed, “or something very intense.”


Blaise stared at the small fire in her back yard, the roasting remains of the pigeon crackling as bits of fat fell into the flames. If she burnt it enough, maybe nobody would ever find out how it had died. If she roasted this area enough, maybe noobdy would ever know what she had done.

“Blaise!” Her mother, she thought dispassionately, sounded terrified. Sometimes she thought the daft bitch knew more than she let on. “Blaise, honey, step away from the fire, please. You know how much I worry about flame.”

She closed her eyes, willing the inferno back inside of her. “Yeah, mom,” she murmured, trying to sound innocent. Naive. “Yeah, Mom, I know.”

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5 thoughts on “Target

  1. What are they going to do? Go home and file a full report. In time a completely genuine and above board offer of a fully funded educational scholarship at an appropriate level Tir na Cali school will turn up in Blaise’s mail. Somewhere Blaise can be taught control, though I doubt Mom will be told that. I don’t think the Agency will want her roaming around unable to control that power.

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