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So, the carpet guys are, right now installing my Awesome Giraffe carpet. Yay!!

And I made the garbage guy’s day this morning – I was wearing my Kitty Ear hat because my other hat was in the car, and it’s raining (raining! in December!) – and he gave the biggest smile. My Kitty Ear hat has Very Big Ears…

The window in the bedroom is making me throw things. We spent ~ 4 hours on it Sunday, another hour on it yesterday, and it will probably take another hour to three hours BEFORE I get to painting it.

The window is plumb and square, you see, because Father-man and Spouse-man and I installed it that way in early October. The walls are neither, and the exterior wall is of a variable thickness.

What’s more (note: the moulding I picked out, primed, and painted, as a start for re-doing the moulding in the entire house, is 2-1/4″ wide), the window is in a corner, ~3″ from the wall. On the top of the window.

That wall buckles out, though, so on the bottom of the window, it’s… well, closer to 2″ from the wall. With some creative casing. So new moulding.
Which means on the other side, to match the gap, we needed to add some drywall and scootch the wall in closer to the window. Which means more mudding and more painting.

Which means we might finish the window on Christmas, which has me a little frustrated right now.

What’s more, when T. pulled off the moulding on the door, to see what we had to do there…

…the door is lots neither plumb nor level.


(but I have my carpet!!)

[personal profile] skjam wrote a microfic to my prompt… ’tis awesome.

I’m about 1000 days behind on reading LJ/DW, so if I’ve missed something, please let me know!

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  1. Yay carpet!!! I am not surprised that the crazy people has non-plump doors and windows. I am, however, going to make a sad sighing noise for you.

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