Goals this week!

Format, cover, and post the remaining 4 e-books
Write 1/2 of one bonus story
Post Rix fix

Giraffe Call:
Finish all small prompts for giraffe call
Summarize the year in Giraffe
Poke donors about their extended stories (poke)
Post poll for incentive-extended story & setting piece

Other writing:
Find a something to submit to
Write a piece for that.

Longer goals:
Get caught up on bonus stories
Finish & post for sale Book One as e-book
Stamps count!!

Giraffe Call:
Figure out how to easiest store stats (cluudle?) (Inventrix has an idea)

Other writing:
Rin/Girey Ebook
Stranded Ebook
Cali Ebook
More submissions – 1/month minimum

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5 thoughts on “Goals this week!

        • agh. I posted a reminder or three throughout December. Didn’t want to push it so much it got annoying. Speaking of forgetting: There’s a Sketch Fest this weekend. You could totally prompt “pastel coloured clysedale” or something. XD

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