Merry Kinkmas! Tentacles & humiliation, 2 stories of Fae Apoc for @Rix_scaedu

From my card, center row, “G” and “n.” for a block of “center three, rows one and three” for Rix. (the free square picked at random from [community profile] kink_bingo‘s communal cards

100 words each, Fae Apoc

Content warnings: …slavery, drugs, confinement, humiliation….

She groaned against the pacifier, her fingers brushing against herself. The sensation – that wasn’t numb, not at all – jolted through her. She writhed, shuddered, and tried to make enough noise, grunting, whimpering, as she moved her fingers in circles.

“That’s a good girl,” he murmured, sending a shock of pleasure through her. “Maybe a little help?”

“Mm?” Help?

“Here, feel this??”

Feel… “Mmm!” Something, something wrapping around her leg. A tentacle? It felt like it, strong and a bit wet. Then her other leg, forcing them apart. Around her wrists, binding them together. Inside her, slowly, fore and aft.

Humiliation (situational)
“That’s it,” he murmured, as the tentacles penetrated her, stretching her hymen but not tearing it, pressing inside her, pulling against her throat. “Keep your eyes closed, pretty. Keep the plug in your mouth, keep mewling for me.

She did. She didn’t have any choice, nor did she want to stop. She moaned in wanton pleasure, spurred on by the little whispers of praise. “Good girl. That’s my good pet. You’re a wanton little animal, aren’t you?”

Animal. The embarrassment, the degradation, was delicious and horrible. You belong here. You belong like this. Nothing more than a creature. His creature.

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