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Merry Kinkmas! Sensory Deprivation & Phonesex, 2 stories of Fae Apoc for @Rix_scaedu

From my card, top row, “N” and “G.” for a block of “center three, rows one and three” for Rix. Still not sure how to get tentacles in here.

100 words each, Fae Apoc

Content warnings: …slavery, drugs, confinement….

Sensory Deprivation
As the car started moving, Yaminah sucked slowly on the pacifier, trying to calm down. The trunk was padded, comfortable, warm. It felt like a nest, like sinking slowly under water; even the feeling of the car starting and moving seemed muted.

Her lips were numb, and, slowly, it felt like everything else was going numb. The world was very warm, very dark, and surprisingly quiet. Her mind floated, set loose from its moorings. She was a balloon in the sky of life. She was a pea safe in her pod. She was right where she was supposed to be.

Phonesex / Epistolary
She floated, lost and perfectly nested all at once, until his voice murmured in her ear. “Are you there, my dear?”

“Don’t know,” she mumbled around the pacifier.

“Shh, it’s all right. Grunts and mewls are fine, pretty. Can you feel your fingers?”

She wriggled her fingers experimentally. There they were. They seemed so far away. “Mmn.”

“That’s it. Now… remember, always, that your pleasure comes at my command. Find your clit, beautiful.”

She grunted assent, as her hands moved light-years to find it.

“Do you like it, touching yourself?”

Another grunt. Yes.

“I want to hear you come, pretty.”

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Lucky Day

For [personal profile] haikujaguar‘s prompt; this is the character/setting from these stories (and on DW)

After “Silk” (and on LJ)

Basi was blushing as he led Genique back to the First Mate’s quarters.

“We really screwed up your Christmas, didn’t we?” he asked quietly.

“Well, you kidnapped me, kept me locked in a room for thirty-one days, took my clothes, chained me up… and gave me a job. And a pretty shirt.” she plucked at the camisole. “So far, I’m not doing all that badly.”

He stared at her. “Kidnapped, enslaved…”

“Employed forcibly. And…” she shook her head. “They could have taken out a loan. My family. My employers. My friends. I would have been good for it, over the course of the loan. And no-one did.” She smiled at Basi, even as she knew she shouldn’t encourage him. “You cared.”

“I care,” he agreed, his blush only darkening his space-bleached skin. “Uh, here’s the First’s.”

“Thank you, Basimontin.” She made her escape before either of them could say something they’d regret.

In the First’s office, she was shown to a chair, much more comfortable for the jumpsuit. “Everyone starts in the Pit,” Clyd told her again, “but I’ve got some stuff I’d like you to look at before we send you down there.”

“Stuff?” Genique looked at the piles of data chips curiously.

“Stuff indeed. We have a money leak somewhere, and I can’t find it. I didn’t sign up to do the accounts. If you can find it, I’ll give you a bonus to your salary and…” she looked at the red chemise thoughtfully… “I think I have a pair of silk socks that will match that. Never worn, red’s not my colour.”

Genique smiled slowly. She was beginning to understand how things worked around here. “I could take a look,” she agreed. “Somewhere in these chips?”

“It’ll probably take you a few days. Call it three, and I’ll set you up in the office next to mine. There’s no-one there right now.” Clyd gathered all the chips together with a reader and stylus. “Good luck.”

Taking the pile of things, Genique felt herself smiling. “I do think this is my lucky day.”

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Merry Kinkmas, a summary!

I went on a New Year’s kink spree, hereby designated as Kinkmas, and offered to write 100 words for each square selected by the prompter from my card or a communal card.

So far I have written:

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Merry Kinkmas! Wet, Dirty, Messy & Vehicular, 2 stories of Fae Apoc  (here on LJ)

Merry Kinkmas! The Pit, two stories of Space Accountant  (here on LJ)

Tentacles & humiliation (LJ)
Sense Dep & Phone Sex (LJ)

 Thanks to

 for creating this summary! 


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Truth beauty,—that is all, a story of #Addergoole Year?? for @Trueform for the Giraffe Call

For @TrueForm’s prompt. This is set in the Addergoole ‘verse, whose landing page is here on DW & here on LJ

The title comes from John Keats’ “Ode to a Grecian Urn

“So.” Althea squirmed uncomfortably in her seat.

“Yeah… So.” Verdad studied her twin for a moment, then looked the other way. They hadn’t had much of a chance to speak in the last few months, their Keepers uncomfortable with the way the two of them were together. But Mendosa had put her foot down, and here they were.

“You got your Change, I guess…” Althea offered hesitantly.

“Yeah. You, too?”

“Yeah.” She lifted the long, whiplike tail and studied it uncertainly. “It’s not bad. Yours?”

“The same, of course.” She showed her twin the tail. “Well, not precisely of course; Dr. Regine says it can be like kitten spots…”

“…and different even in clones,” Althea nodded. “Ver, what’s wrong?”

“Orders,” her twin whispered. “Sometimes they run into my power.”

“Can you talk about that?”

“I… yes. Everything I speak is the truth. Even if I don’t mean to.”

“Oooh.” Thea nodded. “I can see, yeah. Well… speaking of kitten spots…”

“Yours is different?” She looked thoughtful. “But not entirely. Right?”

“I can always tell if someone is lying or telling the truth, or the funny grey areas in between.”

“I can imagine the teachers want to value that – what does your… what does Camry think?”

“He’s… of mixed opinions about that. I’m glad Donyal let you talk to me.”

Her sister smiled tiredly. “Mendosa was not going to let up until he did. And I told him that. I’ve…” She bit her lip. “I want to say I’ve missed you.”

“I know.” The grey edges of truth cut like knives. “Me, too, Vera.” But life was more complicated, now.

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Merry Kinkmas – The Pit

From my card, 17th and 21st blocks (random choice)

100 words each, Space Accountant

Content warnings: …slavery, drugs, dub-con touching, suffocation….

“There you go.” Genique didn’t know how long Edgarris had been gone, but he was suddenly back, pulling a hood over her head before she could stop him, zipping it shut over her face and buckling its collar tightly around her throat. The hood fit like a second skin, pressing against her cheeks, against her lips, against her eyes. She was engulfed in blackness, with nothing but the smell of leather oil in her nose.

She gasped, the collar pressing her windpipe as Edgarris used it to pull her to her feet. She gasped, fighting for air that wouldn’t come.

“Please,” she gasped, the hood eating the sound and forcing her lips shut. “eeesse…”

“First lesson of the Pit.” Edgarris’s mouth was right next to her ear, and yet she could barely hear him. “Everything, everything you get here, you must earn. Even air, pretty. Even a name. Even the right to speak. Do you understand?”

Even the right to speak. Light-headed and lost in the drugs, she still understood. She nodded mutely.

“Good.” He released the collar, dropping her to the floor. “Show me.”

She crawled towards where his feet must be, pressed her face to his toes. Please.

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Merry Kinkmas! Wet, Messy, Dirty & Vehicular, 2 stories of Fae Apoc for @Rix_scaedu

From my card, right-most column, fourth & fifth row.

100 words each, Fae Apoc

Content warnings: …slavery, drugs, dub-con touching, confinement….

Wet, Messy, Dirty
Slave “I live to serve you.” Was it the drug or the bond making that feel so good?

“Yes, you do. And I will protect you. Follow.” His abrupt rise disoriented her, and, even on all fours, she stumbled. He walked slowly, giving her time to reorient, but getting four limbs straightened out took all her attention; she was in some sort of tile pit and being hosed down before she knew what hit her.

The water was cold, like little knives all over her skin, forcing its way into her most intimate places in wet violation, horrible and wonderful

She found herself following him again, down endless hard tile floors, until the floor changed to concrete and he took her by the arm, pulling her up.


They were in a large garage, behind a large car, the trunk popped. He was laying a blanket down in the trunk… Yaminah shook her head. No, no …

“Please, no.”

“We’re going to take a little trip. In.”

Whimpering, terrified, she climbed into the trunk, mortification doubling her terror as he pushed a pacifier between her lips. “Relax. There’s more… sedative… in that.” The trunk closed on her, shivering, relaxed. Trapped.

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