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Dreams and Awakening

Ceinwen & Thorburn, Addergoole Year 9. Kinkmas warnings apply: this involves some rough handling.

Finished my card and then some, so using set to 400 and the communal cards

The darkness poked into all the corners, filling the room. Filling this school with shadows, nightmare creatures, dream-demons. But in the middle, she sat, wrapped around a great dark shadow, shining her light on it.

The light seemed to come out of her like a physical force, pressing out of her mouth, out of her eyes, out of her nether places like shafts, penetrating the shadowy places of her lover, pushing into his most private thoughts. She touched a nerve, and withdrew at the gasp, then pushed inside him again, sending the warmth of her light spilling inside his darkness.

Ceinwen woke suddenly from the strangest dream she’d had in a while, woke to find Thorburn on top of her, his hands around her throat, pressing down, his erection already sheathed inside of her, his eyes wild.

She gasped, but couldn’t get a sound out, choking against the pressure on her throat. He wasn’t even really awake yet, still lost in some nightmare – gods, in the dream she’d been having. In the shadows she’d penetrated. She tried again for words as she felt the skin around her eyes tighten, forced the golden light at him instead, as he thrust wildly.

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