Kinkmas Bonus: Introduction, for @Rix_Scaedu

More story of Fae Apoc, the Black House, for Rix’s request.


“A power that wants me Kept… by you,” she clarified. “It hasn’t done anything like this since I graduated.” Honesty compelled her to add, “but it seems to value safety over comfort.”

“Clearly.” He released her chin and ran a washcloth over her shoulders. “You will be mine, entirely mine. But I don’t think you will hate it.”

He could order her not to hate it. She waited, watching his face. Slowly, he smiled.

“You’ve learned, haven’t you? I can see it in your expression.”

“Yes, sir,” she agreed quietly.

“Good,” he smirked. “So, pretty, you are now Pretty oro’Gregori.”

She gulped. “Yes, sir.” Gregori.

“You’ve heard of me.” He seemed, she was pretty sure, pleased by this.

“Yes, sir.” Gregori. He looked so very benign, blue eyes, blonde hair, a sweet smile. This was the legendary Kraken? The Monster of the Seventh Cohort? She gulped. “You’ve Kept me before, sir. By proxy.”

“Aah?” He looked more and more intrigued. “Damaris or Speed?”

“Damaris’ Ackerley, sir. Master?”

“Interesting. I will want to know more about that, later. For now… What is your strongest skill?” His hands continued to trail over her as he spoke, calming her.

Strongest skill? “People, Master.”

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