Alder-by-Mail? A new idea

I have, thanks to [personal profile] eseme‘s brilliant idea, the text and layout for a postcard-sized story, based off one of [personal profile] wyld_dandelyon‘s prompts. The story is safe-for-all-ages, as is the layout.

If you donated $5 or more to the December Giraffe Call, and are interested, I will mail you a mini-story postcard: Alder-by-Post Issue One. (or, if you’d rather and aren’t as enamored of snail mail as I am, a pdf).

If there is interest beyond this, I would open up Alder-by-Post to subscriptions and write one per call, $2/card ($2.50 non-US, sorry, postage!), $20/year, or $1/pdf, $10/year.

Edited to add: If I get interest of 25 or more people, I will have these professionally printed (I am not really expecting this. 😉

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31 thoughts on “Alder-by-Mail? A new idea

  1. I always like having things I can hold and show people, so I’d be down. (I might need to put an updated address in paypal, though, I’ve been having issues getting the new one to stick.)

  2. I have a -whole bunch- of free Avant Card postcards with nifty looking art that I’ve been collecting for ages. A pity you’re in the US or I’d send you the lot…

  3. I like the idea, and getting things in the mail is always fun, but I’m not sure I’m cleared to accumulate more stuff presently …

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