Separation Anxiety, a story of Boom! Post-apoc for @inventrix, @cluudle, et al – PART ONE

This is a story of my RP-in-Addergoole character, Cynara, some years after the apoc but not that many, sending her oldest son Yoshi off to Addergoole. She’s shown up in (see landing page) a couple stories before.

“All right, Yoshi, is everything packed?” Cynara knew the question was stupid. Of course everything was packed. She’d taken care of the first run herself, and the third run, and let her oldest handle the middle stuff himself. Everything was in its place, and Yoshi was heading off to school like she had, so many-so few years ago.

“Everything’s set, Mom.” To his credit, he tried not to let her see him roll his eyes. “I hid the rowan like you said, left the steel where Luke can see it, and I have the throw-away knife for him to take off of me. I’ve got food for two weeks and clothes… for an entire school… for at least a week. Who wears this many clothes?”

“Boys who want to meet girls who don’t think they stink,” she answered, the mom part of her brain working on automatic pilot. “Which I assume you eventually will, once your… ‘cousins’…. stop leaning on you.”

This time, he didn’t bother hiding the eye-roll. “No interest in being a lap-pet, thanks, Mom.”

Now she couldn’t help but chuckle. Looking over at Ankara, she wasn’t surprised at her oldest’s assessment of “meeting girls,” but…

“Your father was never a lap-pet,” she lied. “Your Uncle Howard, Uncle Leofric… not all men are puppy dogs.”

“No,” he laughed, “some are rabbits. Cursed gods, I’m not going to grow ears like that, am I?”

“You can’t blame Ankara for his heritage,” she answered, but she was smiling, too. “Well, one of your grandfathers has antlers. I can’t guarantee how you’ll turn out, but I’m sure you’ll be handsome.”

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