Mini-Giraffe Call: The Aunt Family

The Mini-Giraffe Call is CLOSED! Thanks to all that participated!

For the next 36 hours, leave your prompts on the Aunt Family ‘Verse.

The Aunt Family has a landing page here (and on LJ)

Because this is a mini-Call, there will be mini-perks!

* For every $10 donated, one prompter chosen at random will get an extra 500-word story
* If the call reaches $30, I will write a second prompt for everyone
* If you donate, as always, you had sponsored 100 words continuation on any Giraffe story for every $1US donated.

Also! Because my goal for this mini-call is to raise $$ for character art, I will take donations in art as well. Talk to me to discuss reasonable words-for-art rate.

(Dwolla account available on request)

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8 thoughts on “Mini-Giraffe Call: The Aunt Family

  1. What was that green card in Heirlooms and Old Lace? Or what’s up with that deck in general. How did the intervention planned in What to do about Auntie X turn out? What was Cam plotting against Nelia in Sweater Set? Let’s see if I can scrounge up more general ones… A music box. Mice invading. Did any of the Aunts draw or paint? Is there a garden attached to the house? Something set a generation or two in the future.

  2. Eva and Stone Janelle and Anne-Marie A monocle (from Tansy’s collection?) Grandpa Joseph Volunteering for an experiment Cady’s princess An outsider looking for assistance A locket holding a lock of hair

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