Giraffe, Etc. Summary

The Mini-Call is up! (and on LJ) Prompt on the Aunt Family series!

Since the last summary (and on LJ), I have written:

For the January Giraffe Call:
And Before That? (LJ)
Backstage (LJ), technically Big Trouble in Little China fanfic

Fairy Town
In Mr. Ting’s (LJ), after Burning Summer Quest (LJ)
Katydid’s Camp (and on LJ)

Tír na Cali
Tea with HER (continuation 5) (LJ)
Tea with HER (Completion) (LJ)

Fae Apoc
When the Gods Attacked (LJ)
Delving in History (LJ)
Bringing Home History (LJ)

Bug Invasion
From the moment they breathed our air (Lj) after: Staying in the City (LJ) and Spooks vs. Bugs (DW)

Non-Giraffe Writing included:

Addergoole Yr9
Moving On (LJ), Ahouva & Basalt
Damn List (LJ)
[personal profile] clare_dragonfly wrote this story of Kayros and Vic.
[personal profile] kajones_writing created
these characters and then wrote
this story and
this story.

Addergoole: Boom
Meeting the Family (LJ) (a chat log)
Roleplay Log (Cya/Cabal, posted by cluudle)
Cleaning Up (LJ), One month later
cluudle wrote this story set in the same general timeline as my current Boom ‘fics, staring Yoshi’s paternal half-brother Etienne.
Legacy (LJ) – several years later

Tir na Cali:
Wrong Brother? ()after “Can we be that Close?” (no xpost). [Donor Perk]
Cali-Novel Ch17-most (LJ) [Beta]

Aunt Family:
Read my story “The Wish Machine” (from the Aunt Family ‘verse) in this month’s EMG-Zine!

And I’ve asked you, and asked you to ask me:
Pick a character to ask questions of! Any character of mine in any setting!
(and on LJ)
Ask Kendra here (LJ)
Ask Rin here! (LJ)
Ask Audrey Here! (LJ)

The donations reached an AMAZING $246!

Thanks to everyone who participated!

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