Aunt Family Mini-Call Summary!

The Aunt Family Mini-Giraffe Call is closed! (LJ)

Over two days, I wrote 9 stories for 9 prompters and earned $20. This week, I will write a second prompt for each donor, and then their continuations.

Prompters who earned a free 500-word continuation are:
Friendly Anon
(chosen by

Fated (LJ)
Visiting Aunt Eva (LJ)
In The Attic (LJ)
Engraved Invitation (LJ), Ruan & Johias
Cleaning House (LJ) After What to do about Auntie X (LJ)
Accepting the Welcome (LJ) after Welcome to the Family (LJ)
Kitten Switchen (LJ), After Cleaning House
Visiting an Uncle (LJ) Rosaria, Evangaline
Glass and Steel (LJ) Zenobia!

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