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Giraffe (Zebra) Call Day Two: Prompt Away

Good morning everyone!

(or good afternoon, good evening, good night)

It’s Day Two of my Giraffe (Zebra) Call, and it’s looking to be a good one!

Check out the Call for prompts, read the stories I’ve already posted, and, if you haven’t left a prompt, go and leave some.

I’ll be here, writing about falling leaves 😀 Continue reading

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Giraffe Call Landing Page

What is a Giraffe Call?
Once a month, on the second Saturday after the first Tuesday of the month, Updated: once in a while, about 1-2 times/year, I open up a post calling for prompts on a monthly theme.

Why is it a “Giraffe Call?”
I was saving up for some pretty awesome giraffe-print carpet for the bedroom of Our New House. 🙂 Thus Giraffe. (I have a lot more renovations to go after the carpet! Currently up is my attic.)

What do you do on a Giraffe Call?
I will write at least one microfic (around 150-400 words) for everyone who prompts.

I not only accept but welcome and encourage prompts without donation; the more prompts, the better! It makes a fuller, more exciting Call!

But Wait, There’s More
Donation incentives vary by month, but the short version is: as the Call reaches total-dollars-donated levels, the entire call gets more things – a longer short story, writing to more prompts by everyone, or to all the prompts, a podcast of a story, even, if I reach my top goal for the call, an e-book.

In addition, there are perks for new donors, new commenters/prompters, and linking back to the call. Check each individual call for their perks.

What can I prompt?
Anything at all, as long as it’s somehow related to the theme.  However, I do not write fanfiction for prompt calls.

If you want to prompt something related to one of my extant settings, that’s cool; if you want to prompt something completely new, that’s also cool. Photo prompts, art prompts, are awesome; I’ll take auditory prompts too, though I’ve never tried writing to those.

If I find I really can’t work with your prompt (I have trouble with zombies, for instance), I’ll ask you to prompt again.

Past Calls
August 2014 (LJ) Animalia
May/June 2014 (LJ) Micro Prompts
January 2014 (LJ) OrigFic Bingo
February 2014 (LJ) Evildoers & Bad Guys
August 2013 (LJ) Identity
June 2013 (LJ) Finish It!
April 2013 (LJ) A-Z
March 2013 (LJ) Swords and Sorcery!
February 2013 (LJ) – Shades and Hues of Love (Summary)
January Mini 3 (LJ) – 7 Deadlies (Summary)
January Mini 2 (LJ) – Transitions (Summary)
January Mini 1 (LJ) – The Weather (Summary)
December 2012 (LJ) – Siblings (Summary)
October 2012 (LJ) – The Norm (Summary)
August 2012 (LJ) – (Fuzzy) Adventures and Quests
July Mini (LJ) – Addergoole Summer Camp (Summary)
June Mini (LJ) – Reiassan (Summary)
May 2012 (LJ) – Origins and Creations (Summary)
April 2012 (LJ) – Celebrations and Special Events (Summary)
(LJ) – xx (Summary)
March 2012 (LJ) – Spring Cleaning (Summary)
January Mini (LJ) – Aunt Family (Summary)
February 2012 LJ – Wine and/or Roses (Summary)
January 2012 (LJ) – In the City ( Summary)
December (DW) – Gifts, Gifts, and the Gifted. (Summary)
November (LJ) – “Family”
October (LJ) – “Spooks, Creeps, Ghosts, and Ghouls”
September (LJ) – “Lost, Abandoned, & Left Behind”
August (LJ) – “Abduction & Rescue”
August Early (LJ) – “Gender, sexuality, & how they go funky”
July (LJ) – no topic

Pre-Giraffe Calls:
January 11 – Steampunk
Dec. 2010 – The Green
November 2010 – Ways and/or Means
Sept. 6-19, 2010 – Beginning with B
August 2-8 2010 – Beginning with A
August 9-15 – Exotic, Erotic, or Exogenous
July 2010 – The Great Outdoors
June 2010 – Roll your Own

Call for Ideas
Prompt Poll (as opposed to a late one)

2011 – Giraffe Carpet Funds!

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Giraffe Call Summary

This month, rather than a single prompt, I had several small prompts.

I don’t think it worked as well as a single prompt, and probably won’t try this again.

I do not think I had any new prompters (If I am wrong, please let me know), and the call earned $25 – enough for T. & I to get take-out this weekend!

MicroPrompt One: Mushrooms
Wise Mushroom (Fairy Town)
Trip-Tripping through the Apoc (Fae Apoc)

Fairy Rings (Fae Post-Apoc)
Fairy Ring Shortcuts (Fae Post-Apoc)
Terroir (Fae Post-Apoc)

MicroPrompt Two: Circles
Like Wolves (fae post-apoc)
Artist Wanted (Planners)
What Comes Around (Addergoole)
Oh, No, Not Again (fanfic)

MicroPrompt Three: Packages
Brown paper packages… ♪♫ (Addergoole)
Itty Bitty Package

MicroPrompt Four: Variant
The Three of Guldenton
Take Me, Unicorn/Factory
A Game (Space/Colony)
In a Fashion, Science!

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Giraffe Call So Far: A Summary

The Call

And so far my villainous stories:

What, He’s Got Two Legs (no Verse)
Hard Choices
The Good Fight

Bully for You, Addergoole Yr 15
Dance the Dance, Addergoole Yr 15
Addergoole Microbits
Planning – Regine, and her plans
By the Time Anyone Noticed
Back Around Again

Pirates & Bad People – Space/Accountant

The Church in the Park – Fairy Town

Tangles and Knots – Stranded World
Stranded in Winter

Blame Game – Superheroes and villains.
Bad Dialogue and other Problems – Superheroes and villains.
Through Biology!

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Giraffe Call OPEN

My Giraffe Call is open for twenty-four more hours here.

The theme is bad guys and villains. Please stop by and leave a prompt!

We’re just $5 from everyone who donates getting a second prompt $10 from a livewrite, which means that your donation has an immediate effect:

Saturday, I wrote nothing, because we were out wine tasting and, while wine puts me in the mood to write, it’s not really the place for it. (Note to self: take laptop, find cafes. Taste, write, taste, write, etc.)

Sunday, I wrote:
By the Time Anyone Noticed (and on LJ) – Addergoole Post Apoc
The Good Fight (and on LJ)
Back Around Again (and on LJ) – Addergoole, Ardell & Delaney
(funny how Addergoole comes to mind when thinking of villains… 😉

Buy an Extension
500 words $5.00 USD
750 words $7.50 USD
1000 words $10.00 USD
1250 words $12.50 USD
1500 words $15.00 USD
1750 words $17.50 USD
2000 words $20.00 USD
100 words $1.00 USD
More of What?

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Bingo! Column One

This is a fill for my January 2nd card:

B1: A Favorite Place
Prompt: A Favorite Place
Verse: Stranded Universe
Summer knows her sister Autumn has a favorite place.

B2: Team D
Prompt: A Cunning Plan
Verse: Dragons Next Door
Whose brilliant idea was it to kidnap her?

B3: Time of Testing
Prompt: Test/Exam
Verse: n/a
“This is how we’ve tested since the dawn of time.”

B4: Unwelcome Guests
Prompt: Unwelcome Guest
Verse: Addergoole/Baram’s House Elves
In the middle of an apoc, most guests are unwelcome

B5: Victimization
Prompt: Victim
Verse: Dragons Next Door
Follows after Cunning Plan, above.

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S is for Summary – an annotated summary of the last Giraffe Call

This is my alpha call’s summary in whole.
Those marked with an ** are Addergoole setting; those marked with a * are in the greater fae apoc setting.

A is for Alpha
B is for Beryl and her Boys (Aunt Family)
C is for the Cats’ Cruise *
D is for Dances Down in that [Dystopic] Underground School **
E is for Euphoric
F is for Friendly Fiend Forgetting
G is for Great Deals!
H is for Holy Hot Hell Night, Batman **
I is for the Individual
J is for the Last Jubilee *
K is for Stolen Karma
L is for Llama Lawyers
M is for Mimosas in the Morning ** (Shahin & Ty Post-apoc)
N is for Notice
O is for the Open Order
P is for the Possum Postulate (Science!)
Q is for the Queen’s Quilt
R is for Runaway (Tír na Cali)
S is for Shahin (see Mimosas first) **
T is for the Impossible
U is for Under the Weather Unexpectedly
V is for Vindicated (Viatrix, Baram’s House-Elves) **
W is for Whisk(e)y (Ninefold)
X is for Xeno-Everything
Y is for Yoshi (Boom, apoc-era) **
Z is for Zoology Sparks (Aunt Family, Zenobia)
A is for Antlers (Tilden, 3rd generation Boom) **
B Bizzare Beetles
C is for Creation
D is for Dungeon
E is for Emrys – Harder than Diamonds (Post-apoc) **
F is for Feisty Friend Felines of the Family (Aunt family, Beryl, DamnCat)
G is for the Gate (Facets)
H is for (I don’t know why you say Good-Bye)
I is for Icarus Fallen (Third generation)**

K is for Kleptēs(after Karma)
R – Running Away (Tír na Cali)
I – is for the Interloper (After Individual)

Þ – The Þorn-Giants (Aunt Family)

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April Giraffe Call Update

I keep plugging away at the April Giraffe Call. At this rate, I’m not sure there’ll be a *May* Giraffe Call… but the April one keeps going!

My Signal Boost Poem awaits more signal boosts (or art).

I have written so far:
A BCDE – F – G – H – I – J


Prompter Count: 23
Extra Prompt count: 1
Donator Count: 6
Total letters to be written: 36/26

And we’ve reached $70 in donations!

Just $5 from being able to get the accessories for the foyer; just $10 from 2 people getting extra 500-word continuations!

Buy an Extension
500 words $5.00 USD
750 words $7.50 USD
1000 words $10.00 USD
1250 words $12.50 USD
1500 words $15.00 USD
1750 words $17.50 USD
2000 words $20.00 USD
100 words $1.00 USD

I’m excited! This is a much more energetic call than I’ve had in a while. And, once I get through all the prompts owed to people… on to the non-English letters!

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March Giraffe Call: Summary

The Call (LJ)

We reached $45 in donation from three donors; there were 12 prompters. No new prompters or donors.

Oh HEY! You guys, I still owe you two setting stories from last month. What settings would you like to see expanded on?

We reached this level of donations:
At $40 in donations, everyone who donated will get an additional microfic written to their prompts. I will choose 1 non-donater at random to receive an additional microfic as well.

[personal profile] thnidu! You will get a second story written. Do you have a new prompt or should I write again from the first one?

The stories so far:
Blade (LJ)

Reiassan Early
Sword (LJ)

In Theory (LJ)

Misc: Fantasy
The Toll (LJ)
The Tower Needs (LJ)
Into the Fire (LJ)
Clean (LJ)

Fae Apoc
Zelda and Solange in the post-apoc
Short/Cut (LJ)
Teamwork (LJ)

Stranded World
Ax Fight (LJ)

Facets of Dusk
The Sword/Sorcery World
Cloaked (did not xpost)
Deep in the Autumn Air (LJ)
Thick (LJ)
Changing (LJ)

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Giraffe Call Summary!

The Giraffe Call is Closed!

This call brought in $17.50.

I had 15 prompters, one new, and two donors, one new.

That means there are two setting pieces coming! What settings do you want to see what about?

If you donated, please let me know what you’d like to see continued.

The Call! (LJ)
The Linkback Story (LJ)

The summary:
Addergoole: Year 9
Friendly (LJ )
Year 8
Educational (LJ)
Year 10-11-12-13
They Were Over (LJ)
Year 13
Doug Gets a Hug (LJ)
Year 17
Signs of Love (LJ)
Shades (LJ)
Year 22
Triangles (LJ)
From January:
Laziness x4 (LJ)

Addergoole, unnamed Year:
Begin Again (LJ)

One Off
The Purple (LJ)
Even the Insect That Bites You (LJ)
Kitchen (LJ)
Fine Dining (LJ) (modern)
Safer Shooting (LJ)
Forever and Ever, Amen (LJ)

Fae Apoc
Monster (LJ)
Enough Warning (LJ)

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