Djinni has posted my new icons and yay!

Winter, from Stranded World

Me, in Construction Mode


Over here, I’ve been pondering what icons to request this coming time.

Annnd! [personal profile] meeks has posted her queue – three of my pieces (Diapering Dragons, The Deep Inks, and Dragon Next Door) are on the list to work on next.

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8 thoughts on “I HAVE NEW ICONS YAY!

  1. Cool! You should go report you re-tweeted about Ysabet’s poetry fishbowl, and get them to reveal another verse of the linkback perk poem.

  2. The construction icon is excellent! Winter looks older and grumpier than I usually picture him … but he probably is older and grumpier than I usually picture him (which is a bit too much on the anime side, I think). Squeeee, dragon pictures!

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