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Djinni has posted my new icons and yay!

Winter, from Stranded World

Me, in Construction Mode


Over here, I’ve been pondering what icons to request this coming time.

Annnd! [personal profile] meeks has posted her queue – three of my pieces (Diapering Dragons, The Deep Inks, and Dragon Next Door) are on the list to work on next.

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Monday after Giddy Sunday

I’m into work stupid-early this morning because there’s, in theory, a VIP coming in at some point. On the other hand, I get to leave early too!

This weekend was awesome! Saturday was a lot of housework – finishing painting the trim, moving the old sink out of the utility room, that sort of thing – not as much painting as I’d wanted but still productive.

Sunday, we took a long drive (go to the bottom of the lake, turn right. Go to the top of the lake, turn left. Go over the top of another lake….) to a place called The Wizard of Clay that does awesome pottery and has for over 30 years (My parents have housewarming gifts from there).

On the way back, we hit a few wineries, including Four Chimneys, which is a teeny tiny winery with some really awesome wines. I <3 living in wine country!!

In other news…

[personal profile] ysabetwordsmith has posted some more poems from the fishbowl, including “The Leaning of Life”, from my prompt.

[personal profile] clare_dragonfly has posted some more fiction from her Garden of Prosy, including The Other Side of the Gate, from my prompt.

[personal profile] meeks has posted a sketch dump, including a sketch from my story “Creeped Right Out.”


[personal profile] anke is calling for prompts, with a theme of “horror or dark fantasy”

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For meeks!

Meeks has posted a sketch (and on LJ) of the beginning of this story.

This is part of a continuation of the series –
Over the Wall (LJ Link),
The Black Tower (LJ Link,
The Pumpkin (LJ Link,
Skeletons (LJ)
Rule Three (DW)
Dwimors (LJ)

Zizny lowered its whole body into a crouch, until just its eyes and nostrils were regarding me over the wall. “You’re telling me,” it rumbled, “that your mother’s family are dwimors, and that, as well, that they are poachers.”

I could not meet its eyes at once – its head was simply too big. So I settled for looking it in one eye – and was suddenly thrown by the pronoun I was using to think about this creature, this person, my neighbor. “I’m sorry,” I asked abruptly. “You used ‘cx’za’ as, I believe, a pronoun for Jimmy. What pronoun is appropriate for you?”

The large head lifted, and Zizny showed me more teeth (very clean teeth; the ogres had had horrible dental hygiene) than it-she-Zizney had ever revealed to me before. “You are asking about appropriate grammar?”

“Well,” I shrugged uncomfortably. It would be very nice, right now, to back up, rub away, something. To put more distance between myself and this rather-irritated-seeming dragon. But Zizny was my neighbor. “I’m a student of the relations between the races,” I explained nervously.

“Academic curiosity, then?”

“Not at all! It’s really not academic to want to be polite to other people, is it?” For a moment, my pride was pricked, and I forgot to be nervous. “It’s not some scholarly study when these are the people you deal with every day!”

“‘People.'” Zizny settled back down. “For a grown adult dragon, the pronoun is ‘thez.’ But I do not object to you using ‘she’ for me and ‘he’ for Cthaiden. We have taken on those roles here, after all.”

“Aah.” I smiled ruefully at thez. “Thank you. It seems proper to use, well, the proper terms. It makes me feel more comfortable.” I took a long breath. “And it’s not a comfortable subject, Zizny. I can’t do anything about my grandparents and their family. I can’t do anything about their actions. Because, yes, they were poachers, hunters, and, I’m afraid, probably still are.”

Thez pinned me with a long gaze. “You are angry.”

“I am angry,” I agreed, “and Mortified.”


“I’m mortified that I have family that are… bigots. Worse than bigots. Relatively horrible people. And I’m angry about that, too.”

“And at the perceived assumption that you are like them.”

“And at that,” I agreed, very quietly.

“Anyone who would assume that, Audrey, has obviously not met you.” Thez set a finger on top of the wall, the claw curled around the stones. “If you were, indeed, a ‘monster hunter,’ you would be the most stealthy, hidden one ever. You have friends, as I have seen, with every race you have encountered.”

“Almost everyone.”

“Well, some people make it very hard to be their friends. But I do have a question for you.”

“Yeah? Yes?”

It tapped me on the shoulder very gently with a claw. “You call your family ‘self-hating.’ And you call them dwimors. You, I believe, are a dwimor?”

“I am,” I agreed. “We are.”

“Do you not risk, yourself, becoming a ‘self-hating dwimor,’ with the hatred and anger you are evidencing?”

“I… oh.”

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I do believe it’s Thursday, Right?

Yesterday, a 70F day in mid-November, I stayed home sick (actually sick, but mostly a mild office cold I was trying to beat before it was no longer mild), wrote 3500+ words, over 2100 of which were for my Nanowrimo, and sorted the last of the apples.

I need to get back into the swing of house stuff before it’s too cold to do anything, but the plumber prospects are at least looking up.

Newest house weirdness: it appears that, sometime along the line, someone actually taped the drywall corners…

…wait for it…

…with masking tape. *facepalm*


[personal profile] ysabetwordsmith is taking ideas for future fishbowl themes here.

And if you have not yet read her epic Igor’s Creature, I strongly suggest you do so now. Right now. Go. I’ll be here when you get back.


[personal profile] meeks has worked her magic again, and it’s thematic to my nano!

Go see her sketch of Autumn, updated.
(and on LJ).


And Rix_Scaedu has two amazing new pieces up:
Tales Behind The Verses: Between Eighteen and Nineteen – Part 1 and Astrith.

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Monday, time-confused

The Daylight Savings Time Fall back thing seems to have confused my internal clock as much as the cat.(“It’s early. Or late. Or something, and I’m hungry. Feed me?”). I woke up late today and was nearly late to work… but now am Very Awake.

It was a good weekend. We acquired cheap butternut squash and tasty apple cider, made steel-cut oats with pureed butternut, and I wrote a lot of words, most of them on my nano.

I have left to do: 2 long pieces for Rix, 1 short piece for Ysabet, a setting-piece or something for the comments perk (Still don’t know what to do about that; the story with the most comments isn’t really *in* a setting) and the extension piece, which looks to be “Rule 2.” Somehow, I don’t think this is all getting done before Saturday’s Giraffe Call.

If you have things you like for the Winter Holiday, it’s getting to time to post a wish list or lodge a request for baked goodies.

[personal profile] meeks has posted an update to Teddy’s Travels (and on LJ).

And [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith has posted Opening the Gate, from September’s mid-month donor prompt session, based in part on my prompt.

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Wednesday morning after emergency Lowe’s run

I got a message from T. as I was about to leave work yesterday – “either you need to stop on the way home or we need to go out once you’re home.”

Seems the threshold to our house had died a messy death.

(This is amusing to me because I’m a big fan of Jim Butcher’s Dresden’verse, where the threshold is the word used for the magical protection of one’s own home, and something similar exists in Addergoole/Fae Apoc, where you cannot enter someone’s home without their permission).

But in this case, the wood under the metal and weather stripping and above the slab had disintegrated. Not nearly as magical, no demons, and we just needed some wood and a new metal threshold & weather stripping to replace…. which T. will be doing today.


[personal profile] meeks has uploaded a new detail view of Rin‘s picture 🙂 It’s the city! (Livjournal and Dreamwidth.

She’s also posted a new sketch on DW and LJ – to [personal profile] jjhunter‘s poem The Lamb’s Plea To Them Both, which is definitely worth a read.

[personal profile] ysabetwordsmith had her monthly Fishbowl yesterday (sorry for lack of boost; 1st/month is mad for me); of the poems she’s posted so far (which you should read), I think “The Funny Farm” is my favorite.

Aaannndd… (A little late, sorry) [personal profile] lilfluff wrote this story to my prompt – I’m eager to see more of this world!!

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Wednesday, yes?

[personal profile] eseme asked how Drake was doing, and, as I just made his semi-annual blood-test appointment…

Drake is doing wonderfully! He loves the stairs, and loves running up and down them over and over again. He’s eating well, happy, and generally content with his humans (although the noises of house renovation bother him, and T. being outside but in sight of a window makes him yowl. A lot).

He seems to be maintaining a healthy weight, and does well enough with the shots – he’ll come ask for them if we forget them.

Happy kitty! He also does not think apples are food.


[personal profile] meeks has updated the Rin Sketch again! (and on Livejournal).



Pondering nano & Autumn, as well as autumn-the-season. More on that later.


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