Giraffe Update and Business

The money keeps coming in, so I’m going to keep the call open another day!
Here on DW/Here on LJ

We are $5 from the next donation level, and $10 from our wheelbarrow!!
REACHED! Will update image tonight!

For January:
There’s a poll up for the encyclopedia chapters – which settings do you want to learn more about?
I let my LJ paid membership lapse; if you don’t have a DW account, please feel free to vote in the comments.

What story do you want a continuation of? (LJ)

For February:
I posted a summary (LJ) yesterday; I’ll post another one tomorrow. It’s been a slower prompt than the last one, but, considering I’m still writing January donor stories, that’s okay!

The Linkback Story is up! (LJ). Please tell me if you linked to the call!

If you Tweet, I’ve created a new Twitter Account.

Donate behind cut

Art by Inventrix!

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