Giraffe Update!

Since the last Giraffe Update, I have written:

For February’s Call LJ:
Not That Kind Of Girl (LJ)
Vinting Love (LJ)
One Off:
Bleed it Out (LJ)
Rose Petals (LJ)
Twelve Roses and One (no xpost)
Pure Snow White (LJ)
Tír na Cali
Second Pressing (LJ)
Love and Hospitality (LJ)
Thorny Disposition (LJ)
Planting Seeds (LJ)
Planners ‘verse
Rose of the City (LJ)

For the Aunt Call:
Bless the Cat (LJ)
Passing the Cat (LJ)

For January’s Call:
Unicorn-Chased (LJ)
Mission to Paris (LJ)
Fae Apoc:
Getting Over History (LJ)
Presented ()
Fairy Town
Meeting Mr. Ting (LJ)

Non-Giraffe: Wolf in the Circle (LJ)

Alder By Post (LJ): the second issue is out!

I’ve rewarded myself (LJ) – things the Giraffe Call has helped fund!

Signals Boosted! (LJ)

Call for Call Ideas!! (LJ) – I need ideas for upcoming Giraffe Calls!

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