Call for Call Ideas!

I am, unless I want to do something about the misappropriation of cultural heritage or the evolution of holidays over different cultures for March or April, out of seasonal ideas for Giraffe Calls!

So, my fine readers: please give me suggestions, here, for Giraffe Call Themes.

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12 thoughts on “Call for Call Ideas!

  1. * Imaginary holidays, celebrations, and observances. * March is apparently, “Music in Our Schools Month”, so a music related call? * March’s name comes from Mars, so perhaps an anything Mars call? * 2nd week of March is Crochet Week. Crochet and other crafts call? * March 12th is Girl Scouts Day… How about alternative scouting organizations? * And of course March 14th is Pi Day. Which to me calls again for Imaginary/Alternative holidays, celebrations, and observances. (Blink! Turns out that March 26th is Make Up Your Own Holiday Day!) * More March observances on this page. * April makes me think of taxes… A ‘Death and Taxes’ prompt call? * Nifty, April is International Guitar Month. Some sort of music related call? * It’s also ‘Records and Information Management Month’ which feels like it ought to have a prompt call in it somewhere… Hidden, Secret, and Rediscovered Records? * April 9th, ‘Name Yourself Day’, how about a, “Throw names in the pot,” prompt call? * April observances from the same website as linked to for March above * Hmm, according to Wikipedia some think April’s name comes from Aphrodite or the Etruscan version of her name Apru. A Love and Goddesses call?

      • I might observe Crochet Week by pronouncing crochet correctly 🙂 Or perhaps making a go at learning the basics. I suspect there’s some mostly-SFW variation of Rule 34 that replaces the word “porn” with “day, week, or month in celebration of.”

        • I know how to crochet, but haven’t done much of it lately, so the excuse to pick it up is a fine thing. 🙂 And yeah, I would not be surprised by that at all …

      • I don’t know what’s already in your queue, but you mentioned in comments recently on another story that it was getting rather long. So, why not a giraffe call of encouraging you to make your queue shorter by applying enthusiasm to things in it, or prompts specifically for you to mix and match with things in it? But I don’t know if you want to post your queue, or even selections from it. ETA: or we could guess at what’s in your queue, and you could pick from the correct guesses?

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