Graduation Plans

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This story comes after Love and Hospitality (LJ)

Followed by Good Bones

“It’s like my whole life is here. In boxes.” Nydia stared at the luggage rack full of things, as Luke loaded them into the back of the school SUV, next to Wren’s stack of boxes.

“I know the feeling.” The older girl patted her arm. “I’ve got everything all set up; we’ll be okay. Lady Maureen helped me find us a nice apartment, so that’s waiting for us. I bought beds but nothing else; we can pick that all out together… or find someone to pick it out for us.” She winked at Nydia cheerfully.

Nydia, for her part, was even more overwhelmed by her friend. “You got that all taken care of?”

“I had time on my hands, and my Mentor and yours to help,” Wren assured her. “Remember, we want to be planners!”

“I know, but… wow, Wren.”

“Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty to do, too.” She held up a thick sheaf of paper. “I have contacts from Lady Maureen and DJ for us to get in touch with, storefronts for us to look at, and three houses for us to consider. Aaand….” She held up a second set of papers. “Doms to interview.”

Nydia squirmed. “Wreeeeen, in front of Luuuke,” she whispered.

“Not in front of Luke,” the PE teacher agreed, as he came around the SUV. “Except that I’ve met most of those young men already, and those I haven’t, your Mentors have.”

“What?” Nydia squeaked. “You…”

Luke smiled gently at her. “You two were very good students. I want to be sure you’re safe out in the world, too.” He patted her shoulder. “I can’t be there to watch over you every minute, out there. This is the best I can do.”

“…Oh.” Nydia looked at the boxes in the back of the car, and at the piled lists Wren was holding, and then back at Luke. The future felt a little bit safer. “Thank you.”

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  1. Yes, both massively old fashioned and totally appropriate. You can tell it makes her feel better, safer. That’s a good thing.

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