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Dinner, a drabble of Space Accountant (Donor Perk)

And a new art of Genique from [personal profile] anke! See full image here!

“Dinner?” Basimontin offered. He was standing in the doorway of the closet that was serving as Genique’s temporary office, leaning, actually, possibly posing.

“Dinner?” She blinked at the stack of data pads. “Yes, dinner. Let me just get this data to First Mate Clyd, and I’ll be with you.”

“Clyd’s already at dinner. Here,” he tossed her a key. “Lock it up and report it to her tomorrow.”

“But she said…”

“Did she say she wanted it done today?”

“She…” Genique shook her head. “Just that she wanted me to handle it before she sent me to the Pit.”

“And you’ve been working since breakfast?” He shook his head. “You’re either crazy or really dedicated.”

“Or want to figure out the system so I don’t end up working here until my grandchildren are dead.” She was being shorter with him than the poor boy deserved. She rubbed her eyes. “Does that dinner come with something caffeinated?”

“There’s coffee, but will you sleep?”

“Who’s sleeping? I’m not done yet.”

“You are. Come on, dinner. I’ll buy you a beer.” He took her arm to guide her, then, embarrassed, dropped it like it was on fire. “Sorry, ah…”

“No harm, no foul.” She locked up the office, tucking the pad she’d used for notes inside her jumpsuit. “Maybe you can help me figure out how this place works.”

He tilted his head and studied her. “The official stuff or the unofficial?”

“Both.” For the first time in hours, Genique smiled. “You’re pirates, after all.”

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Love Meme

Stole it fair n’ square from [personal profile] morrigans_eve

Give me the names of two characters and I will tell you why character A loves character B. (Please chose characters from my settings, or from fandoms I have some knowledge of). I might answer with a drabble, a quick bit of meta, or a list, just to make things that tiny bit more interesting.

Note 1: The love may be agápe, éros, philía, or storgē. This part quoted from Morrigan. I might have to google that last term. /embarrassed/

Note 2: Warning, you may get incest if its canonical to the characters or fun for me to write.

Note 3: Name as many sets as you like *g*

Note 4: I get bored with these after a while. I might not ANSWER all your sets.

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Vacation, a story of Boom-Apoc (@inventrix)

This takes place a little bit after the apoc begins, ~ August or so 2011.

“Come on.” Cya took Yoshi’s hand in her left and Viddie’s in her right, trusting that Gaheris would tag along afterwards. Unsurprisingly, it was Yoshi that dug in his heels.

“Where are we going? We can’t be moving again and you said everything was fine with Uncle Leo for a bit.”

“We’re not and he is. Everything’s fine, Yoshi.”

“Then where are we going?”

“On a vacation.”

Her oldest son looked at her in blatant, complete disbelief. “Mom, the world is ending. There’s gods floating New York City. And Uncle Leo…” He fell quiet, likely not wanting to upset Viddie.

“The world is ending,” Cya agreed. “But we’re safe here, and… I think we need a little family time.” Because her oldest son was also not stupid, she added, a bit more honestly, “and there are several places I want to go scout.”

“Should we be just running off?” He narrowed his eyes at her suspiciously. “I mean, RV, sure, but are we telling anyone where we’re going?”

“I told Magnolia.” Because Mags owed her a favor, and because she trusted her to wait until someone noticed to explain.

“We’re sneaking out!” Viddie laughed. “That’s awesome. Except the part where you yell at anyone else who does that.”

She grinned proudly. “When you’re the mom, you can make the rules.” It wasn’t completely impossible. Leo was Legally Ruki’s mom, after all.

“When I’m the mom,” Yoshi declared, “we’ll do stuff like this all the time.”

“I hope you’ll bring me along once in a while,” she teased, ignoring the stab in her heart. They were growing up. Sooner or later, they’d be Adults, and they’d leave her. Sooner or later, they wouldn’t belong to her anymore.

But right now, she had a loaded RV, two kids, and her favorite (and only current) Kept. “Let’s go. Quick, before anyone else notices.”

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Drabble: The Rue

Based on the restaurant that burned down nearby, and thoughts off of a recent story of Rix_Scaedu‘s

The building burned down on Monday.

The business owners sighed, and did nothing.

By Wednesday, the City Zoning board had tacked up its notices and given the list of corrections that would need to be made before it would be considered habitable again.

The business owners sighed, and did nothing.

On Thursday, a second notice was tacked up. The Rue had made its demands known, including their list of corrections that would need to be made, or the building would simply burn down again.

The business owners sighed, and got to work. And the Rue went about their self-proclaimed policing.

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