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Love Meme Answers 6: Jin/Jimmy, Autumn/Winter

For the meme I posted Wednesday night here and here (feel free to leave pairings now if you want; I’m having fun.

Jin waited patiently for Jimmy to come back to earth with Juniper. Of all the monsters in the world, Jimmy was probably the only one he could trust, completely, with his kid sister. Jimmy was probably the only one he thought of as a sibling.

The Smiths moving in next to them had been one of the best moments in Jin’s life. For the first time since he started thinking of his parents as separate people from himself, he had someone he trusted to watch his back, and, maybe more importantly, someone who trusted him to do the same

“Got me?”

“I have you.”

Autumn reached for the strands, feeling the twists and the knot where everything was going crazy. The knots were dangerous, the sort of chaos that could pull you in and twist your own lines all up, making as much a mess of you as this tangle of forest was becoming.

But with Winter holding her hand, Autumn didn’t have to worry. Not once had he ever let her fall. Not once in her life had his strength and order failed her.

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