Alder by Post…. feedback wanted

For the first three issues of Alder by Post, I riffed off of the theme of the month or a theme that came up within the writing.

But going into the next Alder by Post, I realize that the short and strange nature of the March Giraffe Call leaves me bereft of ideas.

Anything, any setting, any anything you’d like to see? Any ideas for making it thematic? 😀

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0 thoughts on “Alder by Post…. feedback wanted

  1. Thematic? Rain. “April showers bring May flowers.” Or for more current events, weather disruptions and irregularities. Smokey Knoll residents deal with taxes?

  2. Someone clearing out a to-do list? Perhaps tied in with spring cleaning? Maybe in the Stranded universe? (I tried to say this last night but my internet died.)

  3. I would enjoy storms or spring cleaning. Generally, I love the surprise of fiction in the mail. I’m planning to get my next subscription payment out this week.

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