Summary of the last two weeks of writing! (OY)

I’ve posted a lot since I last posted a summary (Last Summary (LJ)), whoops.

Policing (LJ) – A drabble
The Rue (LJ) – A drabble
First Rose (LJ) After 12 Roses and One
DUCKS! [personal profile] meeks‘ art!

Love Meme:
The Meme Post (LJ)
Morrigan/Reid, Luke/Regine, Linden/Luke (LJ) Love Meme
Autumn/Weylan, Audrey/Sage, Taro/Kailani (LJ) – Love Meme 2
Porter/Arundel, Rozen/Kai, Rin/Girey (LJ) – Love Meme 3
Junie/Jin, Carrot/Angua, Regine/Ambrus (LJ) – Love Meme 4
Baram/Rozen, Ib/Baram, Fridmar/Delaney (LJ) Love Meme 5
Jin/Jimmy, Autumn/Winter (LJ) Love Meme 6

Donor perk:
Dinner (LJ) (Space Accountant)
Homecoming (LJ) {Reiassan)

Just Because:
three Cya-Bois (LJ a series of Vignettes for #Addergoole/Boom-Apoc
In the Tub (LJ)
Vacation (LJ) – Boom, Cya and sons
Derailed (LJ) (Luke, Fridmar, et al)
Derailed 2 (LJ)

Feedback Wanted:
What do you like of my writing? (LJ) (feedback)
Poll (LJ) – April Giraffe Call Topic

March Call
Bounty (LJ) – Dragons Next Door, Hunting Junie
Heroes (LJ)
Sidekick (LJ) – Aunt Family, Evangaline & Rosaria
Deep Shit (LJ) – Fae Apoc, Pyry
And Out (LJ) -Rin & Girey
Hooked (LJ) – Rin & Girey
Fred (LJ) (Slave School)

February Call
What to Do with… (Did not Xpost) Thorburn/Basalt/Ceinwen
Kiss-Kisses (LJ) (Ahouva with friends)
Good Bones (LJ) (Wren and Nydia after Graduation)
Company (LJ) – Just before Safe House
Safe House (LJ) Baram/House Elves

Xenonegotiation is now up at EMG-Zine!

The next Giraffe Call will be this Saturday!

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