Archive | May 25, 2012

Belated Last-weekend-was-awesome post

So… Last weekend was awesome.

I feel guilty about that, because I still miss Drake. It’s hard to even look at his things without sniffling. But this weekend was still really good, and I think that’s okay.

First: there was a small wine festival about 40 minutes out of town (At the local ski resort, which was clever of them). We drank lots of wine and had lots of fun and bought a couple bottles – and I may not be allergic to goat wool!

We stopped on the way home at our favorite bulk store, got roast beef and cheese and pasta, and stopped at two plant stores and the beer store for plants and olive oil, then came home to a dinner of shrimp with olive oil, blue cheese crumbles, tomato and pasta. Nom.

Between Saturday and Sunday, we planted acorn squash, leeks, leeks, leeks, flowers, and two raspberry bushes, worked on the dresser, weeded,… oh, yeah, planted peas… and generally spent a lot of time outdoors playing in the yard. Awesome weekend. Absolutely awesome.

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