Archive | May 2, 2012

Iridium Hole

After Silent Song

At some point, Porter mused, he’d learn not to step through doors without looking first. His foot went down, and then down further and, surprised, he tumbled through the door, fell, and landed hard some twenty-plus feet below the doorway. A moment later, an invisible something fell on top of him.

“Ow.” He squirmed, trying not to touch the invisible Librarian on top of him. He was pretty sure she wouldn’t appreciate groping and wouldn’t take “I couldn’t see what I was touching” as an excuse. “So, ah.” They were, as far as he could tell, in the bottom of a pit, shaded dark blue and black with sparkles in the walls. The floor under them was cold, hard, and uncomfortable, and Porter was pretty sure he’d sprained his tail. “Did I mention ow? So, um, ma’am, I opened your door.”

A sign appeared a moment later. “Thank you.” He wasn’t sure how she managed to get sarcasm across in her tidy handwriting, but it was clearly there.

“Hey, you didn’t have to fall after me. I can open another door if you’ll point to a wall and, sorry, um, get off of me?”

The weight lifted and an arrow appeared. Looking up, and then back down at the wall, it was clear her idea was “keep going forward.”

“I’m never going to make it to my date on time, am I?” he sighed, and opened a Door.

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