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April Giraffe Summer

First: Vulture, I’m sorry, yours slipped the queue. I’ll get it written tomorrow!!

Second: If you donated, please let me know what story you’d like to see continued. 🙂

The April Giraffe Call:
Theme: Celebrations & Special Occasions
19 stories written.
17 total prompters, 0 new
4 people donated a total of $50, 0 of which were new.
Link to Call: /


Reunion (LJ)
Welcome to Addergoole (LJ)
A Family Matter (LJ)
Problem-Solving (LJ)

Fae Apoc
Barganing, Acceptance, Grief (LJ)
Returning Paradox (LJ)
House-Warming (LJ)

First Wind (LJ)
Reunion (LJ)

Learn-to-Knit-Day (LJ)
Lost Day (LJ)

Sol Invictus (LJ)
Bruin’s Birthday (LJ)
No Parades (LJ)
Family Reunion (LJ)

Tir na Cali
The Goddess’ Rocky Path (LJ)

Harvest (LJ)

Fairy Town
Spring (LJ)

The Empress is Dead… (LJ)

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Housewarming, a story of Fae Apoc/Addergoole for the Giraffe Call (@rix_Scaedu)

This story contains magic and references to Addergoole but no slavery, sex, or violence.

For rix_scaedu‘s prompt

Faerie Apocalypse has a landing page here here (and on LJ).

After These Walls Can Talk

Sana wasn’t sure, when they stepped into the house, if they would stay. So many shelters had been traps, so many places had been nightmares just waiting to happen. Sana had her kids to think of, before anything, and sometimes sleeping on the street was safer than sleeping in a safe house.

This house was different, though. Clean, shiny, bright hardwood floors and colorful area rugs, curtains on the windows and a full pantry in the kitchen. Guest rooms upstairs that looked like real bedrooms, not barracks. A change of clothes in the closet. Soft towels in the bathroom. Toys in the toybox.

Her kids were playing before she’d decided if they were going to stay or not, before she’d even found their hostess, whoever had invited them in. She’d heard the woman, but not seen her, so, while the kids played, she poked around a little bit.

Nothing. She met two other refugees – Clare and Tobias, just teens, cold and dirty and hungry, much like she and her kids were – but they, too, hadn’t met their hostess. Upstairs, downstairs. The house was cheerful, bright – but not lived in. No toiletries in any of the bathrooms, except in sealed boxes. No undies in a hamper. Nothing.

“Ahem.” The voice seemed to be coming from the kitchen. “Pardon me, I know it’s improper, but… welcome to my home.”

“Where are you?” Sana stepped forward, putting herself between the teenagers and the kitchen. She could still hear her kids upstairs, playing away.

“Ah. Well, it’s more of what. Please don’t freak out. I’m the house, you see.”

“You’re…?” It was Tobias, not Clare, who squeaked and backed up against a wall. Sana didn’t have the luxury of panic. She had the kids to think of.

“A dragon burnt down our house,” she informed the air. “And an ogre ruined my place of business. Are you that sort of thing?”

“A human once tried to burn down the trees in my front yard. Are you that sort of thing?” the kitchen countered.

“Ah. Ah.” Sana pondered. “Then you’re like the demon that saved my son’s life?”

“That… is closer to accurate, yes.”

“I’ve never met a demon house.” Clare’s nervous giggles seemed hollow and worried. Sana didn’t blame her.

“Well, then, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I would curtsy, but it tends to distress people inside me. I am Bethesda.”

Sana sat down hard. Dragons. Demons. And a house. “Pleased to meet you, Bethseda. Ah… are we intruding?”

“Not at all, not at all. I get lonely,” the house admitted. “I like having company – and with the world as crazy as it is right now, it’s good to have some helping hands.”

Clare giggled again, her laughs getting closer to hysteria. “Hands at all. Hands.”

“Oh, dear.” The house tch’d, and Tobias hurried to hug his friend. “Sometimes I have that effect on people.”

“I imagine so.” Sana’s kids were still giggling upstairs. “So… we can stay? Just until we get back on our feet?”

“You can stay as long as you need to, all five of you.”

“I’d say that calls for a celebration.” She smiled at the kitchen, wondering if the house could see her. “What does one give a house for a house-warming?”

Bethseda chuckled, the pictures on the wall rattling a little bit. “Friendship… and I wouldn’t say no to some weeding.”

“Friendship and weeding. I can do that.” Sana had a feeling they’d be staying for a while.

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Alder By post Delayed

Alder by Post should be going out this week (the April edition); apologies for the delay.

Let me know if you are not already a subscriber and would like a copy; if you’ve donated $7.50 in the April Call or $50+ over the last year, you may have a copy for free.

Back issues are still available for January, February, and March.

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Tuesday, with Rain

It’s raining, but it looks like it’s finally warming up the normal way (gradually and damply, not in 90-degree bursts). Warm season might finally be here!

This weekend, we got the onions in, and we finally decided on what we were doing on the raised beds. Now to figure out how we’re getting them home… I really need a truck. Peas are next, and then the rest of the garden in a week or two.

I spent way too long looking at furniture DIY redos in the time when I was too exhausted to sand the dresser anymore. I have reaffirmed that I hate hate hate the distressed look, but that’s about it.:-)

I’m looking forward to starting to pull the house apart and put it together. Hopefully, we can get a lot done this summer!

Link du Jour: Literary Association Ads – teeny books! Giant books! Books on the stairs!

I am not yet certain about decorating with books. I’m also not sure where our bookshelves are going to end up. Would love built-ins. Will see how that works out.

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