Where has all the Blogging Gone?

I have been remiss in blogging lately! If you have noticed the camp-nano posts, you can easily see one reason why – I am trying hard to get 50K done by the 20th (the 21st is our 10-year wedding anniversary).

The other reason? Summer!

This weekend I finally got a portion of the garden put in – planted 7 tomato plants in 3 varieties, 7 hot pepper plants in 4 varieties (6 of 2 more to plant), basil in 2 varieties, sage, oregano, and beans. I weeded the carrot patch (apologies to Anne Bishop readers) and laid down weed cloth over the squash (well, around them), too.

And I got another coat of poly on the dresser and started painting it!

In terms of nano, I’m looking to get most of the first semester of Addergoole Year 9 completed: the series will cover, in 52 weeks, one year of the Addergoole school through the eyes of the twenty-some members of the Ninth Cohort.

Also: We got two new kittens. Their names are Oligarchy and Theocracy and they are 12 weeks old and beautiful.

And a link: Finally, a Home where you can enjoy the Post-apoc.

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0 thoughts on “Where has all the Blogging Gone?

  1. Ooooooh, home grown tomatoes and basil. Yum. In my experience, oregano spreads with enthusiasm. On the other hand, the kittens might be happy to chew on it for you. Yay, kittens! Time for pictures of ridiculously cute mischief?

    • I need to start posting pictures all over the place! Well, the oregano has an 18″ spacing on three sides and the lawn on the fourth. It is welcome to fight it out with the basil and basil. (is it a mint? My mints are locked in cement to keep them from spreading too much). I’m looking forward to jarring our own red sauce and canned tomatoes!

      • Yay, kitten pictures! Yay, canning! (No canned kittens, though …) I think oregano is related to mint, but I may be misremembering. When I was growing up, we cut the oregano to the ground twice a year to keep it from getting out of hand (and then dried it and gave it away aggressively). That was in Los Angeles, though — with no freezes to keep it in check, it happily grew year-round. It might be perfectly well behaved where there are winters.

    • Camp Nano is at 33,000+ words and trucking!! Bad news? 50,000 won’t get me to the end of the first semester O_O

  2. Plant catnip/cat mint in a pot for the kitties? It spreads like mint (i.e. to all available soil like wildfire) and is of the same family, hence the pot. Mum plants mint et al in a pot and then plants that pot in the ground so that it just shows out of the ground so the roots cannot spread.

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