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Lyn, what ARE you doing (signal boost for inexpensive art commishes)

If you were wondering “Lyn, why are you blathering about character descriptions AGAIN?” well, herminion has a post offering sketches for LJ tokens ($2/sketch).

And, ah, you can’t buy less than $5 of tokens.

She already drew me a pic of Belfreja.

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Rough Description, Miryam

Miryam has a Meez! shape) (hair)

Miryam is a petite girl, barely topping 5 foot tall, with full lips and a generous smile. She generally wears the corkscrew curls of her hair pulled back from her face and down to her shoulder blades in the back.

She’s a buxom, hippy girl, with a body shape sometimes described as coke-bottle: full, high breasts, very narrow waist, and full hips.

Her wings are similar to a luna moth’s:
(warning: moth picture); she has two antennae (also green), similar to this or this (warning: moth picture on the second link) The antennae come out over her ears, near the curve of her skull

She tends to wear halter-necked or very-low-backed shirts to accommodate the wings, and short skirts because she likes them: a dress like this or a skirt like this with a top like this.

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Wylie, More description

Full description, including personality here

Wylie is a middling-heighted boy (5’9”) with middling-brown hair and a middling build, with average grades and an average athletic ability. On paper, he is an entirely ordinary fifteen-year-old boy.

Physically, he’s pale-skinned and freckles, with blue eyes and pouty lips (not that he pouts much), still out-growing his baby fat in face and stomach, and tends towards plain t-shirts and loose-fitting jeans, or, when his mother has been fussing, plain button-down shirts and loose-fitting khakis. If he has to engage in a sport, he prefers lacrosse.

He has coyote ears in place of his human ears, in generally the same position as his human ears were, and a fluffy coyote tail

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