State of the Giraffes

There will be a mini-Giraffe Call this month, but it shall not be until late – June 25th.

It will be on any one setting; what would you like?

Exceptions – not Aunt Family nor Addergoole, which are the most recently done and next to be done, respectively.

The July Mini-Giraffe Call shall be Addergoole Summer Camp on July 14th; this will kick off 52 days to 52 stories, a lead-up to my new serial, beginning on September 4th.

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0 thoughts on “State of the Giraffes

  1. Hmm… Maybe stories outside your main settings? (Biased, as the one I want to request an extension to is I think not assigned to any of the main settings)

  2. Umm, yes please? Dragons, Reiassan, Faerie Town, Stranded, Space Accountant, Science!, Unicorn/Factory, Shadow Rebellion, Planners … Good grief, I can’t even reasonably list all your ‘verses I want to see more stories in.

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