On Giraffes and such

I will leave the June Mini-Giraffe Call (LJ) open until 11 EST this morning!

Don’t know anything about Reiassan? The setting spans 1500 years, from a dark-and-gritty war-torn pre-medieval society to a high fantasy setting to a steampunk era. Two warring nations inhabit a continent, the constrained and conservative Bitrani to the south, the warlike goat-herding former nomadic Callenians to the North, warring over territory, religion, and the magic-carrying síra they mine from the earth.

Many aspects of fantasy, steampunk, and Roman-era living are present here, although possibly in different forms than that you’re used to


The Linkback Story (LJ) has been updated with most, but not all, of the current linkbacks, donations, and prompts.

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