Terms of Surrender, a kinkbingo warm-up for @kissofJudas

Content warning: Control, Ownership, punishment. No sex, no penetration. Some nudity.

“You’ve seen what they have to offer.”

He hadn’t been there on Hell Night. He hadn’t been there at the dances. She’d barely seen him, until he was standing right behind her. Slight, beardless, beautiful.

“Would you like to know what I have to offer, instead?”

It should have been harder than that to convince her to accept slavery, but she had knelt for his collar with barely a second thought. Some day, some day far later, she might consider the whys and wherefores of this. Today was not that day.

Tonight, he had laid out for her the terms of her surrender. “Every order I give you tonight, you may choose whether or not to accept. Every word I speak to you tonight, until tomorrow morning, except these: you may not leave this room without permission. Do you understand?”

“Yes.” Choice hadn’t been part of the deal. She wondered what he was up to.

“Yes, what?”

“Yes…” So this was how it would be. “Yes, Master.”

“Very good. Kneel.”

He’d given her permission to disobey. What happened if she did? “No, Master.”


Maybe this hadn’t been a good idea. “No.”

“Last chance.”

“I like standing.”

“Hrrm.” He turned his back on her, opening his closet. “Take your clothes off.”

In for a penny… “No. No, Master.”

“Do you like those clothes, my pet?”

“I’m very fond of them.”

“If you do not take them off yourself, I will remove them, and they will not come off in one piece.” He was holding a long crop and a pair of handcuffs. “Last chance.”

“Yes, Master.” She peeled her clothes off, never taking her eyes off of him. So that was what he meant. She knelt, wondering if it was worth it.

“Ah, but I already told you you’d had your last chance. You look so pretty like that, my pet.”

His orders might not be binding her, but his praise still felt warm, rushing over her fear. “Thank you, Master.”

“Put your hands behind your neck.”

“No, Master.” What was she doing? She frowned, but kept her hands in her lap.

“So you wish to see, is that it?” He was behind her in a heartbeat, muttering Words under his breath and grabbing both her wrists. Then the struggle was on in earnest.

He wasn’t a big man, not really, but he was strong, and she couldn’t kick in this position. In a moment, he had her hands pinned behind her neck, the cuffs slammed on. Tight. Too tight. He hooked the chain between the cuffs to her collar, and pushed her forehead towards her knees.

“I will always give you a choice to obey or not. But there will be consequences for both.” He caressed her back, then cupped her ass with both hands. “Do you understand, my pet?”

“Yes, master.” Her voice was muffled by her knees.

“Very good. Stay down there, pet, and count.”

This time, she obeyed, as the lash landed across her bare back.

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