Hand-Shaking, a story of Rin & Girey for the June Giraffe Call

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This comes after everything posted in the Rin/Girey timeline.

There was a great deal of hand-shaking going on, and a good deal of bowing, and more than a little bit of staring.

Callennan weddings appeared to involve a good deal of talking. This part of the ceremony, where a Bitrani temple would be full of silence and reverence, was instead full of a good deal of milling about and chatting, sometimes directly interrupting the ceremony.

There were a thousand things on Girey’s mind, very few of them directly related to the wedding. Arinyanca’s parents had been talking, and when they weren’t talking, they were sending pointed looks. Her Uncle – and then some other relatives who she called Uncle as well – had been making his own set of pointed looks. In the heart of what passed for Callennan diplomacy, Girey would not be able to pass as “Girey of Tugia” forever, no matter how many times some rude Aunt or cousin suggested that “All Bitrani look the same. That nose, that silly hair.”

As a matter of fact, while Elin pledged her strength and her bow (That wasn’t in the priests’ book of vows), her saddle and her tent to her new groom, another probably-an-aunt was sniping about his hair.

“How do they do anything at all with that? No wonder they keep it short; it wouldn’t hold a braid for anything.”

He had grown up in the heart of Bitrani politics; Girey didn’t even show that he’d heard. But Rin did. Just a smile, a very sharp smile.

She shifted her hand so that she was holding his, the glittering band around his wrist clearly obvious. “Aunt Alunyez. Have you met my companion, Girey of Tugia?”

The look on the old woman’s face was worth every snipe about his hair.

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  1. Oh yay, I am glad you haven’t forgotten these two. I like the contrasts in the cultures and customs. It definitely emphasizes that Girey is from a different place – by this point he gets along well enough with Rin that the reminder is useful.

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